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Date: 2017-12-08 09:57

When using colored pencils start with lighter colors first and work to the darker. Let the colors overlap and blend for interesting shades It is more effective to apply several light coats of pencil shadings, adding more until the desired intensity is reached, rather than one very heavy application. Stray marks can be erased with an art eraser.

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It's my vision of Prince: not always accurate, yet always true.
It's not chronological. It's anachronistic, even.
He didn't believe in the concept of time. This book doesn't either.
It's Prince, but it's also a fantasy character, like the ones he would invent for us.
It's a kaleidoscope.

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Under painting : The initial wash laid down on your paper. A glaze goes on top of the underwash after it is completely dry otherwise you you can create mud. The underwash can also be the finial wash if a passage of your painting is done in one go.

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Dave Smith is a photographer and artist living in Cleethorpes, UK.
He uses a Nikon D5855 camera with various Nikon and Sigma lenses. Check out his artwork on Facebook , Photo9Me and Flickr

What I didn&rsquo t know was what I would demonstrate. One way I keep myself growing as an artist is to make commitments that will force me to learn something new painting on DANIEL SMITH&rsquo s Iridescent Gold Watercolor Ground was definitely &ldquo something new.&rdquo I had only finished one painting on the ground and was uncertain about the process at best, but true to my leap-before-I-look approach to art, my demo &ldquo GOLD MAGIC: Portraits on DS Gold Watercolor Ground&rdquo came to be. I did two additional portraits on the gold ground before presenting the demo.

This is the painting I did at the demo. The paper had already been stretched, the ground applied, and the drawing transferred before I started. The painting was 75% finished in about an hour, and I finished it later at home. Such fun!

Hot Press - provides a smooth, flat, even surface produced by being run through hot cylinders. Perfect for multimedia drawings and paintings with all water media.

Timing is actually where most of the "risk" is.
At the time of writing (start of the campaign), all illustrations are done, the layout of the book is almost complete. The plan is to be able to roll right after the end of the Kickstarter campaign. Crafting a book like this one takes time though, the process has a lot of moving parts, some hand made.

Like any KickStarter campaign, this project will not live without the support of the community.
But more than that, I wish for this book to reach more than just the fans. Everyone should know how beautiful Prince is.

We all have our defining moments, the ones we can look back to and know exactly when things have changed.
Like many of us, Prince accounts for a few of mine. When he entered my life, alongside my husband when he blessed my work, by using it in shows, or buying some or the last show I saw, at the Sydney Opera House.

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