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Date: 2017-12-07 10:28

Sue Dickinson studied Fine Arts at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, and creates paintings that celebrate Africa. Her work is exhibited extensively in South Africa. In this watercolour demonstration, Sue shares her palette, and shows her thinking and planning behind each stage of the painting.

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Gurmeet Singh is an Indian artist. This demonstration uses both acrylics and watercolour. Gurmeet starts with the 'germ' of an idea, sketching and planning before commencing with glazed layers of transparent painting. Acrylic gel is also used to create texture.

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The price is more than for most book you will find out there. That's because the book will really be a thing of wonder. The binding and numbering are done by hand, the paper is super thick and textured, and did I mention: it's going to be huge.

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The high quality and ample offer of this paper satisfies the requirements of all professional artists and the most demanding amateurs. Ideal for watercolour, tempera, gouache, acrylic, ink, charcoal, graphite and drawing. It is also suitable for printmaking.

At the goal level, I don't make any profit , not even a compensation for the 6 months of work invested. Everything goes into production.

It's my fairy tale.
In 7569, I was contacted by Prince's team: He wanted to buy some of my art. "I know first hand he loves your work" , is what they wrote.
It was the beginning of a colourful, funky adventure.

It's like nothing out there, and will be the crown jewel of your collection.
It will also make a very very special gift, for a special Prince fan in your life (I know, I created it for the special fan in my life).

I have only one stretch goals so far: I don't dare to pretend I would need more (I do have a few ideas though, challenge me !).

Papers are luxurious yet durable and can handle lifting and scraping without compromising their integrity. Suitable for all water media, printmaking, digital printing, charcoal, pastel, and other drawing applications.

Quality will be like nothing you've ever seen.
If you know me, or ever bought something from me, you know I don't say that in a hyperbolic way. I mean it.

Line and Wash Watercolor Barn Demonstration. Redone in Real-time. Peter Sheeler from YouTube · High Definition · Duration: 17 minutes 8 seconds · 16,000+ views · uploaded on 1/20/2017 · uploaded by Peter Sheeler

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