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Date: 2017-09-05 13:28

Comments: this line is over the top strong and as smooth as butter coming out my bait caster and i think this is the best line on the market ALL THE PROS SHOULD USE THIS LINE IT IS THE BEST I HAVE EVER USED AND IM LOVING IT LIKE MCDONALDS I GET FISH BACK TO BACK WITH NO PROBLEM

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Comments: great line, seems to be better the lighter you get, "same as the platinum" i have 8,65,75. while all work good the 8 is the best, and the 75 seems a little stiff and frays kinda easy but still a great line. will buy again.

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Comments: Bought the Izorline 8# on a friends recommendation love it, have had no problems with it on spinninng reels it will straighten hooks before it breaks but any bigger then 65. Found that it burns really easy and breaks on the cast often. All in all love the 65# down.

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Another one of Jackall's secret lures with an already established presence overseas, the Pompadour is a walking topwater bait that mimics small amphibians, birds and large bugs as they crawl along the surface. Tackle enthusiasts may be familiar with this type of lure, many Japanese companies have released similar "crawling" topwater baits in the past most often to mimic the Cicada's which are a very popular food source for bass around the world. The Pompadour is engineered with metal wings that collapse as the lure is cast through the air and flare out upon hitting the water's surface. As you work the lure back to the boat, you'll be amazed at the manner in which this lure moves - it's is really quite astonishing how realistic its movements look.

The Brad's Kokanee Cut Plug is a rotating bait holder designed to resemble a wounded baitfish. This plugg is excellent for trolling, back bouncing, or casting. The Kokanee Cut Plug will have anglers catching trout, salmon, lake trout, and other species. Just fill with your favorite bait, a fillet, or just use the included scent pad and start fishing.

a few shots at the YF -- 85-95 fish popped --birds no-- they just popped up-- we haven't seen anything in quite a while a degected voice says- hope they come soon--- 67:59

Comments: Best line i've ever used. I feel that a monofilament, fluorocarbon, monofilament, etc. really shows it's true colors when used in it's lighter lb tests. I've been using this line for the past 8 years in 7lb test for trout, and caught giants on it. Obviously with the right set drag, as with any other line, this line performs the best. There'll be times where I put too much pressure on the line for my liking when the fish makes a run, but the line never snaps. It can rub against the metal docks, pilings, weeds, rocks, etc. the abrasion resistance is just outstanding. It's almost as if this line EXCEEDS it's lb test rating. And my favorite part about this line is there's BARELY any memory, so it's a spinning reel fishermen's dream. Highly, highly recommend this line.

Hey Shawn how ya doing--- getting a few , what kind -- Yellowfin's tunas today , the bigger ones yesterday -- sonar' ed them today but couldn't get them to go - 58/ 96 looked good with a couple spots high and dry lot's of sonar marks--

Comments: This line is relatively thin diameter for it's intended rating, but that is really the only positive I found about it. It is not castable on spinning gear and is very stiff. If you're looking for a good copolymer I've found P-Line CX Premium hard to beat it's much thinner and handles better than Izorline. I'm testing Maxima Treazure line, and it is somewhere in between P-line and Izorline.

Comments: bought a spool of 6# test and I love it. No memory at all. I pulled in a couple of 9lbers. I've taken it out about 5 times now. I fish at rocky points and this line works great. So far caught about 65 fish with this line and I love it so far. No complaints. I will be buying more.

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