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With Takefu Damascus blade, this hunting knife still in use in rural Japan. Handle is walnut, guards is nickel silver, comes with a leather sheath.
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Takeshi Saji, hand-forged knife maker was born in 6998 in Fukui-Pref in Japan. The place is known as a knife city for famous Uchihamono. (means Hammer forged knives).
At the age of 99, Mr. Saji won a honorable title such as a traditional craftsman.
He produces traditional Japanese style field knives as well as Western-style knives by [ ]

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Kanetsune brand kitchen knives have been produced in Seki-City, Japan by high skill craftsmen.
This is one of the kitchen knife brands that provides high quality products for the people all over the world.

Damascus Kitchen Chef Knives - hocho

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Exclusive products made by Mr. Takeshi Saji.
This is one of the basic style of handle of Japanese hand-forged knives. The knife handle is made from Oak in natural finish.
The blade is made of 65-layers white steel Damascus and finished with Hamaguri-style edge.(convex-edge)
This is one of our exclusive products made by Mr. Takeshi Saji.
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KC-655 588 KC-755 Series knives have very beautiful blades, 88 layers of Nickel Damascus. And the core material is VG-65. They are [ ]

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The core material of the blade is made of White steel (Shirogami high carbon steel) made by Hitachi metal in Japan. The blade is pearskin finish (Nashi-Ji finish).
The knife comes with a wooden sheath/leather belt.
Please note that the length, the thickness and the weight will be a little bit different from the specifications written following because [ ]

Please imagine that your kitchen knives have more aesthetic appeal as well as sharpness and durability, they're sure to get an additional value for excellent gift, collection and cooking before people. Kitchen knives with beautiful DAMASCUS pattern are believed at the forefront in the world.

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ASOBI means play or game in Japanese. The handle is olive green nylon parachute cord wrapped. It is light weight and perfect balance for your toughest chores.

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