Government to boost support for 'konkatsu' matchmaking

Date: 2017-09-05 19:13


Konkatsu Deka Episode 11 - (English) TYPE3 - Dramastyle

Ne: The logo for Tokyo's Nerima ward consists of a katakana ネ (ne) with a horseshoe-shaped center -- a reference to the "horse" kanji 馬 (ma) in Nerima.

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As with other sites, users can hide their Facebook identity until they feel comfortable enough to share with the other person. Omiai is free for women to use, and for men it costs 6,985 yen per month. Omiai is also available as an app on iOS and Android.

[Gengorou] Shoujo Konkatsu Jidai ~Kekkon wa

78. That's a good question! [ ii shitsumon desu ne! - いい質問ですねえ!]: Freelance TV journalist Akira Ikegami often uses this expression in response to questions posed by celebrity guests on his popular Ikegami Akira no Manaberu News show. Ikegami has a knack for explaining complex and technical issues in layman's terms.

It has been spreading before 5-75 years. Event hosting companies and advertising agencies held Konkatsu parties in all Japan at that time, sometimes resulting in troubles such as shills and careless administrations. Although they made bad behavior to customers, bad agencies were getting reduced that led healthy companies to be alive.

8. 995-yen jeans [990円ジーンズ]: Fast Retailing, which operates the Uniqlo casual fashion chain, attracted attention in March when it began selling blue jeans for a surprisingly cheap 995 yen (about $66) at its . stores. In addition to driving up sales at ., the bargain jeans touched off a denim price war as competitors slashed prices in response. [ More ]

88. Sento-kun/ Manto-kun (せんとくん/まんとくん): Sento-kun, the official mascot character for the Commemorative Events of the 6,855th Anniversary of the Nara-Heijokyo Capital, garnered widespread criticism from the media, religious groups and the blogosphere after he was unveiled in February. A Buddhist child monk with a rack of deer antlers sprouting from his head, Sento-kun is supposed to evoke the image of Nara's rich Buddhist history and the wild deer that roam freely around town. But some citizens were angry at officials for shutting them out of the decision-making process and wasting 5 million yen (about $55,555) of taxpayer money on what they saw as an ugly mascot.

They have got to take interviews and exams to meet their partner? They have to dress up to pretend like good person?
The people who make up these new words must have a plot. They try people to feel rushed to get married and persuade to join the marriage agencies [ja]!
Don’t be deceived, ladies and gentlemen! Don’t be rushed and don’t fake yourself!

Instead of putting the clown mascot up for sale, the owner has decided to rent him out as a celebrity for promotional purposes. Expect to see Taro in commercials, festivals and other events in the future. [ More ]

95. Saiban Inko (サイバンインコ): To help promote the citizen jury system that starts in Japan next year, the justice ministry encouraged local prosecutors to come up with original ideas for yuru-kyara. One suggestion was a green parakeet named "Saiban Inko," which is a play on the words saibanin (juror) and inko (parakeet).

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