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Date: 2017-10-04 10:18

Where is the science to back your claim that LifeStrength bracelets do not work? You have ONLY expressed biased opinion based on your current level of experience. You are operating from a safe 8775 box 8776 , without any experiential knowledge or research on YOUR part. You say No others say Yes. With all respect to you, you have wasted my time and I have gained no unbiased information. I wish you well.

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I live in BC and 8 of my friends (brothers) own a Lifestrength kiosk at one of the local malls. I worked on the kiosk for a month while looking for other work (I 8767 m no salesmen) and the positive reviews from real people on a day to day basis were staggering.

LifeStrength Bracelets: Scam or Legit? | Full Review and

Ridding the body of positive ions and other toxins is important, and should be done by most people. But there are other ways to go about it than simply wearing a bracelet and hoping for the best. You can drink ionized water, and watch your diet so that you don 8767 t ingest a lot of positively charged foods.

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You failed to mention all the testimonies on this product and all the good it has brought into people 8767 s lives! I have a book of over 6555 testimonies that say it has helped with , headaches, migraines, back problems, torn ACL 8767 s, arthritis, fibromyalgia, glolf swing, more energy, endurance, they can jump higher, they sleep better, even their life has improved(I won 8767 t go into detail).
Want me to keep going??
They have provided their personal info cuz why??? They KNOW THEY WORK AND THEY WILL TESTIFY OF THAT!! Just like a Christian would to his FAITH!!

I just bought mine and after a few hours, I felt a strange change. Subtle, but there. My wife who has partial insomnia actually slept through the night two days ago for the first time in over a year, and I 8767 ve had more motivation (I struggle with that a lot due to struggling with depression in the past).

If you showed a caveman a little white pill and told him it could take allergies, pain or help him sleep better, I bet he wouldn 8767 t believe it either. Plus pills don 8767 t work on 655% of people so let 8767 s just pay attention to those few it didn 8767 t work on and forget about the ones it did and better yet the ones it could have helped if someone was willing to say something more positive and less biased about them

I am not making an absurd claim, so it is not my responsibility to prove my position. If I claim that giant pink bunny rabbits live at the center of the Earth, it is not up to you to prove me wrong. It is up to the makers of the LifeStrength bracelets to prove that their product says what it does, which they do not. Sorry to have wasted your time.

I was just stopped at a kiosk in the mall where a guy maybe in his early 85s, high as fuck! Eyes looked like road maps! Trying to sell my wife and i these bracelets. He did the stand on one leg with arms out while he pushes on my arm trying to make me fall. And it , when we weren 8767 t interested. He stopped the price from $65 a piece. To $95, to $85 to 7for $75!!!! So if they were so great they 8767 d sell themselves! You tell me!

I think that the mind is a powerful tool and if you believe in something strong enough then you make it happen so goes for these bracelets. I wore one for about a yr and not really sure if it helped with anything on its own but I wanted to believe so it helped me with motivation. I have not had one for about 6 months and feeling like I need to get more motivated again so I think I will buy a new one and tell my self that this will help and my mind will make it happen. So on its own NO WAY will it do anything you need to make your mind believe it will. So it is up to you to make it work or not work

I was in the mall last night when I went by the Life Strength booth. I haven 8767 t heard of this particular brand before, but I have heard of other 8767 s. And never though that what they claimed was true. The guy demonstrated how they work, mostly with balance and a few strength exercise 8767 s. And they worked. I was surprised as hell. I didn 8767 t buy one, but I regret it. So the next time I get to the mall I will be picking one up.

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