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Ted Whitley is a poet who is stalking the woman of his dreams, Linda Turner. She was volunteering at a community resource project when he came in to find out about low cost housing.

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During the holidays of Christmas, three groups of funny characters depart from Italy to spend the Christmas season in New York City.

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A group of students from the San Crispino school for boys take a holiday in the United States, traveling from New York trough Utah all the way to Los Angeles. Father Don Buro (. See full summary

Woody Harrelson stars in the story of psychiatrist Lisa DaVito and her battle to save a tortured man whose past has turned him to violence. One tragic incident seals his fate and shakes Lisa's faith in her profession.

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Isla Pera P, Palacin Lois M, Ló pez Matheu C, Honrubia Pé rez M, Gó mez Rodriguez AM, Armengol Camps E, Sá nchez Villalba C, Insa Soria R, Rigol Cuadra A, Marre D

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