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Date: 2017-12-08 05:23

Mortal Kombat 9 had a season pass that allowed access to four extra characters that were released shortly after the game released and Mortal Kombat X is getting the same treatment. This time we already know the four characters however - Jason, Tanya, Predator and Tremor - which is a plus if you ask me. It's much more appealing to know the characters that I will be getting before forking over my money for a pass. Anyway, the second character that has been released for Mortal Kombat X is Tanya.

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Tanya's Kobu Jutsu variation arms her with two tonfas much like she was in MK: Deception. This variation has exclusive tonfa combos and a tonfa strike that can be linked into more tonfa hits much like Fei Long's three-hit special move from Street Fighter. She can toss her tonfa and dive down from the air with a tonfa lunge. The Kobu Jutsu version has some of her best mixups with all the extra combos that she gets and seems to be her easiest variatio to use overall.

Tanya fatalities, brutalities gameplay needed for MKX

As you can see, they include massive changes to the way her teleport works in the game, with NetherRealm removing invulnerability frames and adding in as many as 65 recovery frames after landing from a teleport.

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Once Tanya is out, then attention will switch to the Predator and that 8767 s when things will get really exciting. For now though, we are expecting to see some Tanya MKX gameplay before the end of the week, showing off her fatalities and brutalities in the game as a preview before her release.

Tanya is equally as beautiful as she is brutal and is gifted with three vastly different and fun play styles. Whether you like to fight from a safe distance or get up in the opponents grill, Tanya has everything you need to (literally) dissect your opponent.

Lethal BLOWS is the best thing about Tanya as she have 75% chance of lethal BLOWS: 755% damage to the opponent and it's work both on her basic attacks as well as with special attacks

Well you can use wrath hammer on her too to increase her damage and giving a starting bar of power but I prefer KJB more on her as that weapon give her almost every unblockable specials and health on special 6 due to too many guys on specials

Attack 86,568 health 55,895

Previously, Ed Boon let everyone know that Tanya would be out early June. Well now we can reveal that the date is going to be June 7 for those that have the Kombat Pack.

Tanya is an adept fighter, relying on her agility and favoring powerful kicks coupled with her pyrokinetic abilities. She shows skill with her tonfas, using them to block her opponents weapons and even unorthodox manners such as rebounding projectiles. Mortal Kombat X shows Tanya also using a naginata in a similar unusual way, such as a standing pole before following up with an actual attack. MKX also shows Tanya is able to enhance her fireballs using a dark substance to act as an accelerant to increase its potency. Tanya has also gained a teleport as a of MKX , using it as a means of moving closer towards her opponent or to escape from oncoming attacks.

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