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Date: 2017-10-12 21:19

Watching football rivalry week here and I would swear White Goodman from Globogym is quarterbacking the Oklahoma Sooners.

'Game of Thrones': White Walker fight - Business Insider

As Keith reminded us, today is Kirk Douglas 8767 655th Birthday! To have made it this long, and for all the memorable film roles he 8767 s given us, God bless him.

Ah Tranny - the best tranny galleries.

The Crows would love nothing more than to end the top-four hopes of one of their major challengers and force the Swans on the road for the bulk of their September campaign.

White Walkers Create House Stark Sigil Reddit Theory

Not My Real Name : Trump called for illegals being deported because they just walked into the country, how is that right when others have gone thru the proper procedure ? I sure hope it 8767 s not an empty promise, but even if he doesn 8767 t , he better secure that border as a country without borders is no country. Would you rather have open borders and let anyone in? That 8767 s insanity, and it 8767 s what they 8767 ve allowed and encouraged for too long. If someone wants to be a citizen do it the right way or leave. Let 8767 s take care of our own homeless and not others just walking in.

Ha, ha, Major Mudd hilarious satire, well wroth re-submitting! Good contributions from our fab four of Mike, Mike M., Tygercat, and Lucy.

Major Mudd, haha! Good one! I would like to see that movie on the show. Jerry Seinfeld said 8775 This isn 8767 t Plans 6 through 8. This is Plan 9. This is the plan that worked! 8776

It is still unclear whether the Night King that is now in the show is the exact same character as the legend who is only briefly spoken of in the book series , but either way, he is a terrifying addition.

Hi-de-hi, ho-de-ho My husband says I spend too much time on the computer, so I watched WW and ST with him instead of diving into blog. Kinda sparse here tonight, folks. I gotta get me a hand-held somethin

The White Walkers are an ancient race of humanoid ice creatures, who come from the Far North of Westeros. Believed by many to be legends, they have returned and have been seen by several sworn brothers of the Night's Watch and countless wildlings , though few living south of the Wall seem to believe they still exist and are a threat.

I also wanted to add my two cents about the Viking ladies. There is one historic account where this historian tells about a battle between Byzantine forces and the Varangian-who were also Vikings, just ones who settled on their eastern front. The Varangians lost the battle, and the historian reported that they were shocked to find that some of the dead warriors on the battlefield were women. Which also brings up the interesting notion that, if they couldn 8767 t tell that they were women until closer, um, inspection, then they must have pretty much been attired like the male warriors. So, it could be just an anomaly, or maybe the eastern bunch were more egalitarian than their western side was.

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