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Date: 2018-01-01 07:08

TD-SCDMA: Bands 89/89
CDMA EVDO: BC5 PORTS USB  Type-C,  headphone jack CAMERA Rear: 66MP main camera, 75MP low light camera

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Some of the returning features worth highlighting are the ability to customize accent colors, switch between a light or dark theme, and enable on-screen navigation keys. There are also a variety of off-screen gestures to open the camera, turn on the flash, or open up any application of your choice and other useful gestures like double tap to wake.

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Even though there are two grills at the bottom flanking the microUSB port, only the left grill houses the single speaker unit that provides audio skewed towards the higher ends, which is a little unpleasant, despite the speaker itself being able to get pretty loud. Using a good pair of headphones will allow for a much better audio experience. The wires also serve an extra purpose, with the OnePlus X coming with a radio tuner, which works as well as can be expected, and is a nice addition to have if you want to listen to local stations.

OnePlus 5T review—An outstanding combination of specs

Even if you go at it super hard, the good news is that OnePlus 8767 Dash Charge  is absolutely amazing. It takes only 85 minutes to get a 65% charge, and roughly an hour and 75 minutes to go from empty to full.  The quick charging here is insanely quick and power efficient, making the charging process so much easier and convenient.

On the audio front there's a single, bottom-firing speaker that actually sounds pretty good. It's loud, clear, and better than you'd expect it to be. There's also a headphone jack.

Photos taken with the OnePlus 5 are well detailed, sharp without looking over sharpened, and color reproduction is more on the natural side and not overly saturated.

That button you see on the left side of the phone (above) is called the Alert Slider and it means you can easily switch between three different notification profiles. Handy when you want to quickly make sure your phone stays quiet or doesn't with minimal effort.

At the end of its various controversies, OnePlus usually does the right thing. It is issuing an update to remove the engineering APK, it's deleting analytics data and updating phones to requiring an opt in, and it's allowing users to block the push ads. But why does the company keep doing these things in the first place? OnePlus' continual stream of stupid blunders and lack of concrete update promises makes it hard to trust the company. Right now it feels like OnePlus could do something bad to your software or drop support for the device at any time. So I'll say the same thing I said with the OnePlus 5: the best thing OnePlus can do to improve the outlook of this phone is immediately announce a standard update program with timely monthly updates and two years of major update support.

There&rsquo s just 66GB of internal storage available here &ndash you&rsquo ll get around 66 to play with after the pre-installed software. Luckily, there is a Micro-SD card slot available so you can add up to 678GB more.

Just like the 5, the 5T is rounded and smoother than its predecessors. It's a genuinely premium design, that's hard not to be impressed by.

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