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Date: 2017-10-12 23:52

Whatever vehicle you want to send, if it s important to you that it arrives safely and as economically as possible, M T Andrews Auto Freighters has transport solutions in Kempsey, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

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But what about a flatbed, you may be asking? On a regular flatbed, the taller frame can be accommodated under the trailer, so there’s no need to modify the deck height.

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Meadow Lark Transportation Solutions offers a complete array of integrated services that cover every stage of the transportation life cycle, from the planning to the transaction to the implementation. We deliver intelligent, forward-thinking solutions that add value and build a competitive advantage for our clients.

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Is your fleet operating in a geographical region where road salts or de-icing material is often used? If so, the geography of an area should impact your materials choice. Aluminum is generally more corrosion-resistant than steel, which is why you may find these variants used in the northeast and Midwest. Fleets in the Midwest also prefer hybrid trailers using steel beams buttressing aluminum decks and crossmembers. In the South, where there are no salt or de-icing issues, steel is more prevalent.

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Of course, installing aftermarket brakes at particular service intervals is nothing new for your average fleet. In the past, this was seen as a minor problem, rather than a critical discrepancy. That was then and this is now.

Because a drop deck has a low main deck, you can also expect to see smaller – though no less strong – wheels underpinning the trailer. Instead of the usual inches, drop deck wheels generally come in between and inches. Still, because a drop deck has a high rear deck, inch wheels can still be used, though they are the less-utilized option.

We provide a complete warehousing solution in collaboration with our sister company, Neutral Warehousing, with options available for long and short term storage

We recently looked at the new wave of smart trailers hitting the market. Whether you’re looking at sensor-enabled reefers or multi-compartment trailers with individualized temperature control, could we see such innovation where drop decks and flatbed trailers are concerned?

When it comes to keeping thieves at bay, the question is not how to catch a thief, but how to thwart a thief. Fleets must keep in mind that in many cases these are career criminals who are absolute professionals. They know how to stay one step ahead and how to adapt to changing conditions on the ground.

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