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Stroke of genius Imbuing Fiver with an indomitable spirit and an unshakeable belief in his brother, Hazel, that carries him through. Also, the ability to make our eyes all wet just thinking about him, and the movie. Damn those infernal rabbits!

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"I've always known that but I don't feel like I realized the extent of it until I launched my own makeup line," Jenner said on "Life of Kylie."

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Several days later, Knuckles would keep Sonic and Tails occupied when they arrived on Angel Island, allowing Robotnik to repair and re-launch the Death Egg relatively undisturbed. However, Sonic and Tails were able to board the Death Egg and make Robotnik and his space station crash again. [66]

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Facetune 7 is the followup to the wildly popular selfie retouching app. This version sees pro retouching features add that lets your snaps (and yourself) look better than ever. Whiten teeth, remove blemishes, smooth out skin, slim faces—in other words, look better than you actually do–and much more. The app also allows you to add HDR accents and even remove shadows caused by harsh lighting.

Blue Black - This is navy or midnight, very saturated dark blue. As is typical of many German inks, Lamy Blue Black has some iron gall content, not enough to harm your pens, but it does add a tiny bit of water resistance.

Tender Purple - Not too blue, not too red, a good true purple. When people ask us for a true purple, this is one of three that I recommend (the other two are Pelikan Purple and Herbin Violette Pensee) Waterman purple is one my personal favorites.

Solferino - Solferino reminds me of Waterman or Pelikan purple, think royal purple, more on the red than blue side of purple.

Perhaps not as controlled as Soldier Of Orange, Spetters and Black Book amongst non-Hollywood Paul Verhoeven flicks, this is the Dutch master channelling Hitchcock if Hitch had given in to every one of his warped impulses and is therefore unmissable. Jeroen Krabbe is the writer who falls into the orbit of hairdresser/femme fatale Renee Soutendjik, who may or may not have killed her previous three husbands. Cue rampant symbolism, castration images, kinky and dead seagulls - welcome to Verhoevenland.

Blue Black - Not a traditional blue black with two tone type affects, but a dark blue. Not as deep as what we generally think of as Navy Blue, no confusing it with black in low light.

Bahamut was originally planned to be a summon for Kingdom Hearts , but was removed before the game was released. All that was left was a small data code that could be accessed with cheat devices, adding the option to summon Bahamut in the summon menu. However, attempting to summon Bahamut will cause the game to crash.

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