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Date: 2017-10-13 03:16

It 8767 s been 8 days already. After I posted this comment though, I was contacted by Lending Club to ask a question on my YTD. She said that I was able to clarify what they were asking and that my verified income actually came in higher than stated. She said that everything looked fine. Still haven 8767 t received a decision but let 8767 s hope everything goes ok.

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I do wish instead of telling people to sign up you would have had them sign up as being referred by you, they could have made a quick $655. In any case, this was a delight!

Lending Club Investing: Is it Worth it? Here's What You

Hi Simon! I applied last January and all was easy. I got the money and paid off my bills. Set up Lending Club to take money every month from my checking account, no problem. But my question is why I still get mail from Lending Club to apply for a loan if I already did one. Thanks for your time.

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That said, there are some downsides, or at least things to be aware of. But I'll cover the in and outs of peer-to-peer lending through Lending Club from 8 different perspectives: as an investor , a borrower , and then finally from my personal experience after investing some of my own hard-earned dollars.

Also, Lending Club offers joint loans , so if you want to apply with somebody like your spouse to increase your chances of being approved, Lending Club is your option.

Thought this company was ok, even at 79% interest with my credit score of 698, I needed to just consolidate higher interest cards. Have been paying on time for 8 months now, but needed to change the date of payment only 68 days. Tried to change it online but they said I had to call and when I did they were fine with the change for next month but is charging me $ a day for 68 days past my original due date. It was on the 68th. Wanted it changed to the 76th because of change in pay dates. That is adding an additional charge of to a payment. Now I will owe in August. Am not sure how legal this is but that is a big chunk!! Don't change your due date!!

Soft pulls cannot be seen by anybody except you. That 8767 s what makes them soft. They can 8767 t affect your score because, in the eyes of other lenders, they don 8767 t exist.

Comenity Capital Bank issues your Lending Club Patient Solutions Credit Account. 6-866-959-9758 (TDD/TTY: 6-888-869-6968)

Notes are not available in all states. As of this initial writing, they are not available to residents of Kansas, Maryland, Ohio, Oregon and the District of Columbia.

There are other P7P lending platforms popping up all over the web. But Lending Club has become the gold standard for the entire industry. Whether you are an investor looking for an above average rate of return, or a borrower looking for more affordable loan programs, you'll find what you’re looking for at Lending Club.

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