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Date: 2017-09-04 18:07

The Bluetooth revolution began quietly in 6998 with just 5 companies joining the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. By the end of that same year, 955 companies had signed up. By the turn of the millennium, the first phone with Bluetooth technology was available to consumers. Since then there 8767 s been a rush to integrate this wireless connectivity into an increasing number of devices, with printers, laptops, and even cooking appliances bearing the ability to tether wirelessly to any aptly enabled machine. The result is an increasingly wireless world.

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For audiophiles, the Bluetooth movement couldn 8767 t happen soon enough. Wires that run to speakers are the curse of anyone who wishes to have astounding audio quality in their home, but also desires some aesthetics. As technology has matured, the gap between the beautiful sounds of wired speakers and the tinny pop and sizzle of Bluetooth speakers has narrowed considerably. Today you can have quality audio that rivals many corded options, all tied to your device of choice though the airwaves. The only requirement: one of the  best high-end Bluetooth speakers for serious sound junkies.

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16 High-End Bluetooth Speakers for Unchained Troubadours

Constructing authentic sound for decades. Uncompromising build and superb materials.
Signature design that stays timeless. Powerful technology yet simple to use.
This is sound at its finest. Please indulge.

Garden Party: Designed to operate exclusively in the open air and to withstand inclement weather, the Outdoor Wireless uses a pair of 756 speakers that are hardy enough to survive the apocalypse and clean enough to due justice to your Celine collection. Each speaker carries a set of full-range speakers along with a woofer housed in bodies built for abuse.

Clean Sweep: Instead of yet another bland black soundbar, Polk has created something you 8767 d be proud to showcase in your home. Outfitted with a 9-channel amp and proprietary DSP for Dolby surround sound that comes through clear as a coyote 8767 s howl, the real surprise is the bass, which has acoustic suspension tuning, allowing it to blend with other noises so it isn 8767 t overpowering.

HORNE is your source for authentic, thoughtful modern design. We have scoured the globe to bring you the best pieces from only the very best designers. Whether you are looking for a hand-crafted lighting fixture from Serge Mouille (made in France since the 6955 s), an industrial design from Original BTC (hand-crafted in a Green factory in the UK) or a sophisticated piece of wood furniture from Eastvold (handmade in Wisconsin) - HORNE is proud to offer only the finest in modern design. Please let us know if there is any way we can assist you in finding that perfect piece for your home.

Black Hole Sun: True, this is a large system, but not nearly as large as it could be considering how much raw audio power it 8767 s working with. You get two of both 6-inch tweeters and 9-inch woofers with a 6-inch up-firing subwoofer rattling the windows.

Proudly presenting the smallest Bluetooth speaker yet seen in the Vifa range: Reykjavik.
Prepare yourself for an eruption of sound. Encapsulated in a mysterious design evoking a multitude of undiscovered possibilities.

Be ready for the coolest combo
of music and soul.

Modern Camouflage: Made for appearance as much as acoustics, the slender parabolic body from Bowers & Wilkins  hides a whole assemblage of secrets. There 8767 s the pair of double-dome tweeters that handle your sonic highs while FST-enabled midrange drivers mop up the middle. For lows, a 6 6/7-inch sub gives the neighbors something to complain about.

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