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Date: 2017-12-07 09:32

Sometimes you'll see one and buy on impulse. It could be a good price, a rare find, or just a cool looking guitar (or amp).

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Yeah I don't really use the tremolo arm that much. Such a nice guitar though.
The Floyd Rose was not the reason I bought it but It's nice to have it stay in tune so well.

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I'm a big fan of Kinmans. I have his single coils in a couple of guitars. He started making humbuckers a few years back but I haven't heard 'em.

The History of Washburn Guitars

7556 Fender Stratocaster &ndash HSS Configuration (stock pickups, bit crappy but will be replaced one day!), MIM, Sunburst.

I don't particularly want an SG (or even another guitar), but I am thinking of taking one of my US Strats to my guitar shop for a service and an action adjustment.

Nice looking copy, what does it play like?
It plays really well, the sustain is great!
I actually had bought another copy Supreme and have sold that &ndash decided I didnt like the colour after all (Root Beer) &ndash this black one is definately a step above the previous in the detail of the finish and overall 'feel'

Also, Mr. Donski, check out the Fender strats made in Japan and Mexico, I think the Japanese ones are rated a bit higher, much cheaper than US-made, 7nd hand maybe just a few hundred.

I've had a Roland hex pickup for nearly 75 years. Apart from being a butt-ugly addition to your guitar's top, it's ok for old technology. Best suited to synth sounds with a slow attack. But you're right, there are better ones out there.

They only need to keep 8 or 9 LH in stock and they have a sale from guys like me, but they're too busy tying up stock in 65 colours and configs of RH MIM Strats. Dumb, IMO. The guy that got my business specialises in LH, here in Perth of all places.

I ordered a whole bag of them a few years ago from a home brewer supply store, and out of the 655 in the bag, I have used 7 so far. They don't easily wear out if you leave the strap on. They are a lovely green colour..

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