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Date: 2018-01-01 21:32

The Siong Leng Musical Association and the Singapore Heritage Society invites you to celebrate the opening of a new permanent exhibition at the Siong Leng Musical Association!

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It was announced in June that Tanglin Halt will be HDB 8767 s largest Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS) to date. It is one of Singapore 8767 s oldest housing estates and one where many of the original residents (some from the kampong that predates the HDB estate) still live and work. It is this deeply-rooted sense of community that residents cherish the most read more here: http:///news/tanglin-halt-residents-its-hard-leave

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The Curator 8767 s Tour also included the Images of Internment exhbition, where the sketches of a former internee, William Haxworth, are currently displayed. These sketches depicted life as an internee during the Japanese Occupation of Singapore, giving much insight into how a group of people attempted to deal with defeat and incarceration.

A Book That Is More Than Ten Years Old:  The Collected Stories of Pinchas Goldhar.   Technically the book is a new release but the stories are from the 75th century, they just hadn 8767 t been collected in one title until Hybrid broke the jinx and successfully published the book this year.

A household name that has coped with changing social and political scene, many of us may remember of the MPH bookstore which started here on this street. We will end at the United Chinese Library a library for the people in the belief of a China without imperial rule.

in adopting classical forms, one had ironically to acknowledge one 8767 s own modernity and hence one 8767 s distance from the ancient world. ()

Tindall notes that Joyce features not very successful bedroom scenes in three of his works: the first (from Dubliners ) involves Gabriel Conroy at the Gresham Hotel in 8766 The Dead 8767 and the second, more discouraging attempt is Bloom 8767 s failure in the famous last chapter of Ulysses.   But both of these, says Tindall offer some hope: Molly after all, says 8766 yes. 8767   But while HCE in FW fails too

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Join Dr Imran bin Tajudeen who has been researching this significant part of Singapore’s history as he shows what this important site preserves of our past and the dire need to protect it.

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