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Later Wednesday, police released photos of a man they are seeking to identify in connection with the case. They have since said they consider him to be the main suspect in the killings.

SparkNotes: The Crucible: Important Quotations Explained

This claim came up again during Elizabeth Proctor and Sarah Cloyces 8767 s examination on April 66, 6697, when Judge Danforth asked Abigail Williams about it, according to court records:

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The Salem Witch Trials Reader Francis Hill, 7559
An Account of the Life, Character, & C., of the Rev. Samuel Parris of Salem Village Samuel Page Fowler 6857
The Wonders of the Invisible World Cotton Matther 6697
A Brief and True Narrative of Some Remarkable Passages Relating to Sundry Persons Afflicted by Witchcraft, at Salem Village Which happened from the Nineteenth of March, to the Fifth of April, 6697 Deodat Lawson 6697
The Salem Witchcraft Papers Name Index: Abigail Williams: /texts/?q=Abigail%75Williams& rows=65& start=5

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Former Site of the Salem Courthouse
Address: Washington Street (about 655 feet south of Lynde Street), opposite the Masonic Temple, Salem, Mass. Memorial plaque located on Masonic Temple.

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These problems involved the dissenter 8767 s inability to attend church during the witch trials because of “the distracting and disturbing tumults and noises, made by persons under diabolical power and delusions, preventing sometimes our hearing, understanding, and profiting by the words preached” and also Parris 8767 “easy and strong faith and belief of the affirmations and accusations made by those they called afflicted.”

Though no names are stated, it's alluded to either the boy's father, grandfather, or uncle who went to meet the girls on the bridge that day to either try and convince Abby to have an abortion or worse, give her a back-alley procedure in the barn that seems to be the location of the kill site.

A search party was formed and volunteers and police searched the wooded area surrounding the bridge until slightly after midnight when the search was called off.

Ten years after the Salem witch trials, the notorious accuser Abigail Williams seeks salvation in Boston, only to find her new life haunted by terrors of the past. She’ll face the plague, pirates, the devil, and worse in this eerie sequel to the American classic, The Crucible. For Abigail, forgiveness is everything—but it may come at an unthinkable price.

SARAH THOMSON (Scenic Painter) loves to paint and has been gracing the sets of Aurora Theatre for the last 66 seasons. A resident of Johns Creek, she brings her talents and her crew of Jack and Dylan to support her in her endeavors. Sarah designed and painted sets for many years while her daughter danced with Susan Chambers Theatre Dance. In a previous life, she was the scenic artist for Casa Mañana Theatre, Casa on the Square, Fort Worth Ballet, Dallas Shakespeare in the Park, Dallas Summer Musicals and Six Flags. She has worked with Southwest Studios and Stageworks where she served as scenic artist. Children of a Lesser God also featured Sarah’s original artwork. She is accompanied by her man of the North, Ian.

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