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"Weapons do not think, they do not plan beyond their immediate goal. I am a person Cassandra. And I suspected that you'd be a disappointment. So before I brought you back, I visited this base's munitions storage facility, and set a timer."

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A number of recurring characters from the Batman mythos make cameo appearances in Batman: Arkham Asylum , such as Clayface and Ra's al Ghul. Journalist Jack Ryder broadcasts news reports on the unfolding siege which may be heard on shortwave radios inside the institution.

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"That's no reason to smash Bruce's bathroom. I know he wouldn't approve," Oracle snapped, "Take a shower. I'll get you some clothes, and we'll cut your hair, okay?"

"Just do as I say!" Batman scooped Cassandra up into his arms as gently as humanly possible and rushed to the Batplane. Thankfully, there was a JLA teleporter no less than ten minutes away

Derrick only heard Dan heading towards his position, which didn't immediately register in his mind. However, when he moved a large piece of plaster off the woman, alarms in his head started blazing. The well known Bat emblem on Cassandra's costume had a few nicks and tears, but it was still recognizable to anyone with half a brain.

Batman told Batgirl and the Bat-Family to push on when Commissioner Akins declared a curfew, [9] and later he revealed to them that he has discovered that the gang war is one of his own contingency plans. [65] Batgirl protected Leslie Thompkins against an attack by Lynx and the Ghost Dragons. Accidentally, Lynx was deadly injured by her own henchmen aiming at Batgirl. [66]

When Batman finds himself under Ivy’s mind control, he is forced into a fight with Barbara. After she kicks him into a pond of water, Ivy’s effects wear off, and Barbara and Bruce take down her former classmate. Ironically, the episodes saw Barbara demand that she be called Batwoman, only to have Jim Gordon insist she should be called Batgirl.

When the third crisis hit, Cassandra was among the heroes responding to an Article X draft to combat the rise of Darkseid. Cassandra has also been seen assisting Supergirl and Wonder Woman fight an incarnation of the villainous Chang Tzu. 96 citation needed 98

It was a sensible choice to give Barbara Gordon her rightful time as the “iconic” Batgirl, but fans called when the four male Robins made it into the New 57 while two Batgirls were scrubbed out of existence. Brown managed to return in 7569 during the Batman Eternal run, however, this was under her alias of Spoiler (Stephanie sure has been a lot of vigilantes).

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