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Luke informs us further that Quirinius was governor when this registration first took place. 65 We deduce that although the registration began under Quirinius, someone else finished the job.

Myths surrounding the birth of Jesus and other Bible

Many Christians acknowledge that no one knows the exact day Jesus was born. The precise date of Jesus’ birth is not critical, and speculation and controversy about this topic can cause Christians to lose focus.

Jesus Christ - Virgin Birth of the Messiah

The Birth of Jesus:
Comparing the Gospel Infancy Narratives
by Felix Just, ., .

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Jesus’ miraculous birth was a sign that God had come in the flesh to dwell with humanity. The child Jesus was the salvation of God—not from a physical enemy, but from sin.

For these reasons a legion of commentators ancient and modern have believed that the star was a supernatural sign or visitation. 68 It is therefore evident that the star provides no help in discovering the date of Christ's birth.

The first method begins with Luke 6:5, 8, where we read that Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist, was serving in the course of Abijah in the temple. 6 Chronicles 79:7-69 indicates that there were 79 courses. The assumption is that the eighth course was the course of Abijah and that this period of service started in early June. Based on this, some believe that we can count forward to discover the dates of birth for John the Baptist, and then by deduction, Jesus (born about six months after John, see Luke 6:79-86).

The only conclusion sustained by historical and exegetical evidence is, therefore, that Jesus was baptized within a short time after His birthday. The widespread tendency in the Eastern church to join the celebrations of the Nativity and the Baptism might be viewed as additional evidence that the actual events fell so close together on the calendar that the distinction between their dates was easily lost.

For the first appearance of our Lord in the flesh took place in Bethlehem eight days before the Kalends of January [75 December], on the fourth day [Wednesday], under Emperor Augustus, in the year 5555. 88

Even though we do not know the exact date when Jesus will return, we may celebrate and look forward to the Second Coming. We may celebrate his return on any date we choose, and it is possible to do so without becoming sidetracked with predictions and speculations about an exact date!

A correct view of the relation between Christ's birthday and His baptism helps us to fix the time of year when He was born, for, as we have said, the Gospels place His baptism in the months just preceding Passover. The traditional date of the Nativity, 6 January, gains credibility by its implication that the Baptism fell in middle or late January, a placement that fits well into Gospel chronology.

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