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Date: 2017-09-05 10:59

76, from Rugby (near Coventry) Unwell = poorly, Tired = knackered, Hot, cold = roasting, Freezing Throw = chuck, play truant = nick off, Left handed = Leftie, Gammy handed, Lacking money = skint, attractive = fit, insane = mad, rich = minted, rain lightly = spit, Running water = brook, narrow walkway = alley, toilet = loo, rain heavily = chuck it down, Mother = mum, baby = baby, female partner = missus, person in cheap trendy clothes = chav, word for something you've forgotten = thingemy bob or watchamacallit, Grandfather = grandpa, friend = mate, male partner = fella (ie. my fella, her fella etc), Grandmother = nan. Childs soft shoes worn for PE, pumps or plimsolls

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VIvien Edwards
Butty - sandwich Jam butty etc. but my gran used to say butty-jam. Ginnel- passageway Nick off- play truant. Them - those. Gi me them things.

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Stan Bishop (Nuneaton)
Gis a squint.(Look) Stay on the corsey.(Pavement) Stop blartin.(Crying) Deyear.(Listen or pay attention) Lookup.(Mind where your going)

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Kate Packwood
I have been living in London for the past few years but originally grew up in Coventry. I am trying hard to resist adopting the epidemic that is ‘Estuary English/Mockney’ that I find grates on the ear. I blame Eastenders for its growth throughout the country. Anyway here are a few words I remember using when I was a teenager in Coventry. Left handed/cack-handed unattractive/yak or a mong drunk/wasted or off ya face in a mood/in a strop or mardy pants person in cheap trendy clothes/doughnut or townie or member of the shirt brigade something forgotten/thingymejig raining lightly/spitting small running water/brook to rain heavily/lash it down play truant/wag it someone lacking money/dosser or Low –roader to throw/lob it!

Ian Elliott
I'm 'Cov' born and bred. I got loads of stick at Uni for saying batch. Someone told me this year that it's called a batch because it was used to describe those 'batches' of batches that come in 6's and are all stuck together. There's an entry beside my house too, which proves it's an entry not an alley.

Heather Donovan
Drunk is legless, unattractive is dog Insane is nutter/mental Toilet roll is bog roll Pleased is well chuffed Hot is boilin Main room of a house is living room AND YES IT IS BATCH!

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Emily W.
I know this doesn't really apply here, seeing as I from the US, but it seemed interesting to see different words for handed = leftie, lacking money= broke, drunk = wasted, pregnant = preggo, to rain lightly = drizzle/sprinkling, running water = creek, to rain heavily = pour, child's soft shoes worn for PE = tennis shoes/sneakers.

Clive Barnard (Nuneaton)
I also used entry and batch. The first time I realised that batch was not a bread roll to others was in Canterbury. I asked for a batch in the local shop and they said 'of what'.

75 yr old cov kid
that ,dolly , word , the only dolly i ever heard , other than a kids toy, was a dolly ie a washing dolly, like a wooden thing used in the dolly tub for washing!! then the mangle!!! had mondays off school to turn the handle for me mam !! she was only little good old days

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