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Another issue is how jealous am I allowed to get and still be positive? I am envious of people who have better love and lives than I have. I want the experiences and adventures they have. I worry about getting an eratz version of experimentation. I m not content with what I have, I m pissed about it. Is this permissible or does this make me

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jealousy is pretty much a human universal and there s a lot of evidence that it fuels systems of norm-making. It isn t in and of itself but is a strong and often subconscious element of

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Because the default response of the vast majority of people to a woman being is not to nitpick ways in which the woman was asking for it , but instead it is to offer sympathy to the woman and make sure that the perpetrator is suitably punished for their crime.

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No, it s not reasonable to be angry at people for wanting to have with other people but not with you. Frustrated at yourself or at circumstances, sure, but nothing directed at other people. That s entitlement.

And this is why the women like bad boys/jerks/whatever you want to call them stereotype came into being. Its also why men that have a lot of appeal often come across as douchebags to other men. There are people who would be open to casual but have a difficult time getting it because they can t quite project that they want it or come across as too emotional and likely to be devastated if they won t see the person again.

Other people have a different opinion of me, that s fine, but USING that opinion to slap a label on me that isn t strictly backed up by evidence is a huge pet-peeve of mine.

My roommate s husband was hanging out with us once and confessed that he didn t understand women at all. He said he could never be attracted to a man because they are all (he used the word we ) Lumpy and hairy

That bad speech would be even worse and the people watching uncomfortable with the entire experience instead of just disappointed by the content.

Dude, please dont take it badly, but sometimes I just think you take too long on the articles. For some readers, like me, who uses their gaps in the worktime it gets so fuc**** difficult to read all the articles and follow your site.
Like in women approach, sometimes you just need to be objective.

The problem is even after those things are fixed, there inevitably be something else that isn t right just around the corner. No life is 655% suck free. You will always have to deal with things that suck. Some things you will be able to fix and some things you won t, you ll have to adapt to them.

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