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Date: 2018-01-01 22:57

The Nassau Tribune published . Warns Again Over Crime In The Bahamas. The Tribune also published several other articles about murders which routinely plague the capital of the islands.

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We have recommended that the cruise lines deactivate the key cards of crew members after hours so they can't use them to get into the passenger cabins, using female cabin attendants rather than 75 year old males, or assigning supervisors to monitor the passenger cabins. Most cruise lines have ignored these recommendations.

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A Chicago mobster with a contract on his head becomes the target of Torello, who wants him alive, and Luca, who wants him dead.

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Bennett has not spoken publicly this week about what the police video shows. But in the rush to judgment on both sides of this important debate, plenty has been said and written about the incident that cannot be retracted. Racial profiling and police brutality may not be evident on the Bennett video, but you are a jerk if you think that just because they aren't in the video that they don't exist in society.

I have found that whenever I write about a crew member assaulting a passenger, a certain number of the co-employees instinctively defend the crew member, even when the victim involves a child.

The robbery turned violent as the gunmen repeatedly beat the store manager in the head with a pistol.

The local newspapers in Nassau are straight forward in reporting crime. The crime problem mostly affects the local Bahamians but it also involved crimes against cruise passengers and tourists. Check out these local newspapers in Nassau: Tribune Guardian Bahamas B7B , Bahamas Press , and Nassau Punch. And check out the Bahamas Police Depatrment. Bookmark them and read the news articles and information for a couple of weeks before you book a cruise.

The . report from Department of State states that armed robbery and assault are all on the increase in Nassau and these crimes are affecting tourists and cruise passengers, including around the hotels, resorts and casinos.

Travel Pulse says that cruise tourists will be welcomed by local Garifuna performers... and dancers in colorful attire. Sounds to me like a faux Disney World recreation of the displaced local inhabitants for the amusement of the arriving . cruise passengers.

The closest story to Miami came from the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel newspaper, in an article entitled Legislation to Keep Cruise Passengers and Crew Safe Passes . House. The article mentioned the Cruise Line International Association ( CLIA ), but neglected to explain that CLIA spent millions fighting the legislation over the years and threw in the towel when it appeared the legislation would pass. The article didn't mention the International Cruise Victims ( ICV ) association or any of the many cruise crime victims whose efforts led to the safety legislation.

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