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Date: 2017-09-05 20:03

I hear you Luke, but so was I, and though I had been baptized, and went to church and youth group etc, I was as lost and anti-God and hell-bound as anyone. And what is scary is that I didn 8767 t know it. Why didn 8767 t I know it? Because I had been fed a false Gospel, one that assuaged my conscience, while I committed and was in bondage to all manner of sin. In other words I was deceived into thinking I was Christian when in reality I wasn 8767 t. So I guess, that is why I 8767 m interested in hearing about your conversion and on what basis you considered yourself a true follower of Christ as opposed to a false convert which the Bible continually warns us about.

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Teresa MacBain's husband, Ray MacBain, says he still believes in God but defends his wife's right not to. Courtesy of Teresa MacBain hide caption

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The answer would be: the presence of something of importance (otherwise why would I care?) which is reliably and validly evidenced that cannot be explained by natural means (or could conceivably be scientifically or mathematically explained at some time in the future) and which satisfies the rules of legal or scientific evidence, the rules of logic and cannot be dismissed by what psychology knows of the imperfections and limitations of the human mind.

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You have given me a few clues. Obviously the one you believe exists has a mind, a will, a personality, is male, created the universe, continues to exist, doesn 8767 t like being ignored and is therefore capable of interacting and manifesting in the real world. Is that all?

First let me clarify that the reasons why I wouldn’t start protesting about Islamic-based terrorism here is bcoz of the laws of the country and not that some extremist will kill me. In the same time, the country laws prohibit anybody to preach extreme Islamic acts.

i 8767 d suggest looking up one of alvin plantinga 8767 s interviews where he offers what i believe is a convincing argument against morality as a result of evolutionary psychology.

I became an atheist over the course of several years, during which time I read widely, refused to avoid material which challenged my comfort zone and forced myself to go where the evidence led me. I had a strong commitment to intellectual integrity which later served me well in my professional career in psychology.

Kaka wrote: 8775 i don’t think anyone has been able to show objective moral truths are possible on an atheist view. 8776

well yes it 8767 s really just a fringe theory isn 8767 t it? it 8767 s not based on any hard clinical evidence. i don 8767 t think appealing to popularity by counting the papers written on it makes it any more credible.

Long story short: I share your basically positive experiences with my faith (there are a lot of different stories of course), and I didn´t 8775 let god go 8776 because I didn´t want to be controlled anymore or hated him because he didnt help me in a bad situation or because he was in my way to self-fulfillment. I just had to be honest to myself.

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