What It's Really Like to Transition From Female to Male

Date: 2017-12-08 05:25

Western culture has come a long way from portraying transgender people as nothing but villains or sight gags. People win Oscars for that shit now. That is, as long as they're tucking a bulge rather than packing one. Go ahead, name a movie that features a trans man character. Did you say Boys Don't Cry ? Do you know how many reviews at the time referred to Brandon Teena as a butch lesbian? Okay, now name another. I'll wait.

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A person with XX chromosomes usually has female and reproductive organs, and is therefore usually assigned biologically female.

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For some trans folks, simply identifying as such, and asking others to respect that identity, allows them enough comfort and emotional relief that they do not choose to pursue any other intervention to change their genders. So when, in your question, you asked about a change”, I just want to put it out there that there is no single procedure or intervention that constitutes a change”, and not every person who is transitioning (moving from one gender to another) will want—let alone have access to—any given type of care.

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It's not only physical, either -- transgender people who have undergone hormone therapy are a goldmine of information about the differences between men and women because of the effect different hormones have on your mind. Describing his experience with testosterone on This American Life , one trans man flat-out says " I felt like a monster." He completely stopped thinking about the random women he encountered as people, and a nice-looking one would turn his mind into a View-Master. That guy was on an irresponsibly high dose, but most trans men on testosterone agree that it increases libido and aggression, which can be a shocking revelation for someone who's spent their life chasing the estrogen dragon.

A person with XY chromosomes usually has male and reproductive organs, and is therefore usually assigned biologically male.

male (māl)
Of, relating to, or designating the that has organs to produce spermatozoa for fertilizing ova. n.

No matter that the stereotype didn’t actually hold true. “This is analogous to a speaker using a Southern dialect only when speaking to a known Southerner, even when that Southerner is not displaying a Southern dialect,” wrote Hancock and Rubin.

In your question I am not sure whether you are asking whether an erection and intercourse will feel the same to the person who is transitioning, or to that person’s partner. I will try to touch on both of those scenarios.

Middle English, alteration of femel, femelle , from Anglo-French & Medieval Latin Anglo-French femele , from Medieval Latin femella , from Latin, girl, diminutive of femina

There’s a lot more to being male, female, or any gender than the assigned at birth. Your biological or assigned does not always tell your complete story.

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