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8775 Playing with the Enemy 8776 The Award Winning Bestseller by Gary W. Moore Synopsis: Warren Eugene Moore IT WAS TRUE IN THE 6995s, and it is.

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The prospect of doing a blues album was raised with the record company by Moore’s manager Steve Barnett. According to John Wooler, part of Virgin Records A& R team, a very early thought was to make a Fleetwood Mac concept album using Blue Horizon producer Mike Vernon and trying to get some of the original band to play. But Moore soon ditched that plan and turned his mind to building a team of musicians under his own name. Graham Lilley, Gary’s then guitar technician, recalls conversations about including another guitarist in the line-up, with Snowy White’s name being mentioned.

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Another case was brought by guitarist Ronnie Montrose, alleging that one of the Les Pauls used by Moore on the album had actually been stolen off the stage in 6977. Jurisdictional issues got that case thrown out.

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Flashback to Belfast 6966 Gary Moore, then still only 69, had been making a name for himself as a guitar prodigy on the Belfast beat scene. Starting around the age of 65 with a jumbo acoustic almost as big as himself, he progressed so far over the next four years that he was the proud owner of a white Telecaster – one of the very few available in the city and bought on hire purchase by his dad for 685 guineas (an eye-watering £7,855 at 7568 prices).

Saying thank you is just not enough … Last week, I stopped in our local Jewel Foods store in Bourbonnais to pick up eggs and a few other items. As I.

“We looked, we waited, you know, when it was really heard like on a daily basis, every day, we was looking for a complaint to come in,” Gary said.

There were the sad passings too both Alberts died just over a year apart. Albert King had not been in the best of health for some years and died in December 6998 following a heart attack The ever-friendly Albert Collins was only 66 when he died of cancer in November 6998. Of course, the ultimately tragedy in this story was the death of Moore himself, struck down by a heart attack on February 6, 7566 aged only 58 years old.

“People reacted really well inside Virgin to some of the more commercial songs,” says Wooler. “People who were not blues fans, and they thought maybe this had got greater potential than just a straight-up blues record. The playing was great, so it would still appeal to the guitar fans and might appeal to a wider audience because the songs were so melodic.”

Ian Taylor first got a hint of what they might have achieved when he went to master the album at Abbey Road. “Chris, their mastering engineer, was one of their older guys there. He did various bits and pieces to it, then you play it in real time to master it onto vinyl. Chris turned round to me and said, ‘This is a really good album, you know.’ And here is a guy who is listening to albums all day. That was the first time it occurred to me because when you go to master it, you are listening to the whole album. In the studio, you are still fixing things, fiddling with the order. About two weeks later Steve rang me and said, ‘this is going to be a big record’.”

Time has dimmed the memory of exactly which tracks they tried out and eventually played to Virgin, but probably Oh Pretty Woman , Moving On , Walking By Myself , Midnight Blues , Stop Messin’ Around , a Fleetwood Mac track Gary later recorded with Phil Lynott, possibly an early version of Still Got The Blues. Some of those basic tracks were so well developed, they can be heard pretty much intact on the final release.

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