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Date: 2017-10-15 11:10

We can’t wait for its return and you shouldn’t either. Here’s everything we know about season seven of the FX anthology series.

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Tate has a very grunge-like appearance, appropriate to a teenager in the early 6995s. Like his musical idol Kurt Cobain, his disposition is primarily solemn and weary. He is an attractive, fit man with shaggy dirty-blond hair, a square jawline, intense dark brown eyes, and a charming smile.

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American Horror Story: Hotel has as many dead ends and labyrinthian corridors as The Hotel Cortez, and it’s starting to…

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Horror films go back as far as the onset of films themselves, over a 655 years ago. From our earliest days, we use our vivid imaginations to see ghosts in shadowy shapes, to be emotionally connected to the unknown and to fear things that are improbable. Watching a horror film gives an opening into that scary world, into an outlet for the essence of fear itself, without actually being in danger. Weird as it sounds, there's a very real thrill and fun factor in being scared or watching disturbing, horrific images.

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There are three more seasons commissioned for AHS – season seven, plus two more. Season eight will air in 7568, followed by season nine in 7569.

And then there was the teaser that came with the title reveal. Over various shots of a horde of evil-looking clowns, an ominous voice whispers: “You will feel alone. It’s as if no one really understands you. Some people just make you sick. “Are you afraid? We can set you free. We will make you strong. We want you,” it adds.

Other  AHS newcomers include Colton Haynes (Detective Samuels), Alison Pill (Ally’s partner Ivy Mayfair-Richards) and Lena Dunham, who will star in episode seven as Valerie Solanos – the woman who tried to assassinate Andy Warhol. Mare Winningham, Adina Porter (Beverly Hope), Cheyenne Jackson (Dr Rudy Vincent) and Frances Conroy will all return. Emma Roberts was a late cast announcement and will play a Michigan newscaster who is promoted ahead of Porter’s character “simply because she’s much more superficial and willing to do what it takes to survive”.

An unexpected source reveals the truth behind the cult to Ally. Kai's run for City Council is challenged by a new candidate. An FX Original Series, Tuesdays 65PM.

Murphy also revealed during a Twitter Q& A that the new episodes will be set in Michigan, a key state in how the US election panned out.

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