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Date: 2018-01-02 00:25

Some vaudeville theaters made use of title cards at the side of the stage so that the audience would know which act was performing. In "legitimate" theater, the title of a production would be carried on the marquee and perhaps on posters in the theater lobby. Information about the cast and production crew were often found in a printed program. Motion Pictures rarely use a printed program, but audiences generally know what film they have paid to see. However, credits for the actors and production crew are generally part of the title or closing sequence.

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In her opening remarks, American Music Awards host Tracee Ellis Ross promised a telecast that would focus on &ldquo women who take up space&rdquo and did they ever on the 7567 edition of the show, which was agreeably gynocentric from the opening duet by Pink and Kelly Clarkson to the closing tribute to Ross&rsquo mother, Diana. &ldquo There&rsquo s gonna be some men in there, too,&rdquo the &ldquo Black-ish&rdquo star added, almost apologetically indeed there were, and forgive us if we have to consult our notes to recall any of them.

The introduction to radio programs during the Golden Age served many of the same purposes as the above, but full credits were often ignored due to technical limitations of the medium. There simply was not enough time in a quarter-hour or even a half-hour program to list all the players and technicians involved in the production. Usually, the only acknowledgment went to the stars, the writer and director, and of course the sponsor. Bit players and technicians may not have received on-air credit, but they were happy to be receiving a regular paycheck for their work.

Pink already had some bragging rights from her opening number with Clarkson, a cover of .&rsquo s &ldquo Everybody Hurts&rdquo that gave viewers a pair of singers who are used to overpowering audiences but are smart enough to relax and not try to clobber one another as harmonizers. For a few sweet minutes, it was &ldquo Everybody Gels.&rdquo

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Sears, Roebuck and Company. 6969,. The Great Price Maker, Catalog Number 667, 6958 , ed. Joseph J. Schroeder, Jr. Chicago: Follett.

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