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There standing in the middle was a 'man' with height about 5'9", not a shrimp. His jumpsuit was straining under the muscles which were a lot more noticeable now. His spiky blonde hair were glowing, if only a bit. They seemed to have grown a lot, pointing in every direction with bangs covering his eyes.

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Tobi seals away the remanants of Nine-Tails' chakra into The Demonic Statue, causing a metamorphosis as the nine most potent forms of chakra pool together to form the Ten Tailed-Beast. Naruto and the others fight Tobi, all the while gaining cryptic clues as to his true identity. When Naruto manages to break Tobi's mask, it confirms Kakashi's suspicions: Tobi is Obito! Also Kakashi asks why is Obito is doing this and Obito stated that it was because of Rin's Madara Appeared and explained that Obito is too impiacent and that the original plan was for Madara to be revived by Nagato. Madara then fights of Naruto and Bee while he lets Obito deal with Kakashi and Guy.

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"Leave him Kisame. He's a master of Camouflage Jutsu, there's no point in chasing him. He's already gone past the barrier. Besides we came here for Naruto-kun," said Itachi.

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"What?" Naruto asked. "That doesn't make any sense. He was the one that told me of you in the first place" Naruto explained.

"He has some strange power that allows physical attacks to go throw him as if he was a ghost" Kisame explained the figure raised an eyebrow.

"I already did" Naruto replied making Kushina perk up in confusion. "When I was five years old, I awakened my sharingan and he appeared in my mindscape. He explained me everything that happened the night that I was born, he told me about his father and unlock the Kyuubi's cage" Naruto explained and Kushina nodded until Naruto's stomach grumbled.

But when he saw Itachi, the temperature of the area dropped several degrees. All he could see was red and feel an intense bloodlust for Itachi.

Main article: Power (Arc) In the anime, Ibiki and a group of shinobi were sent to a cemetery outside the village to investigate graves which have been defiled. [68]

"I'm glad it all worked out for the best" Jiraiya said and turned to Tsunade. "Do I get a kiss to or perhaps a hug?" Jiraiya asked wiggling his eyebrows and proceeded to be buried by Tsunade and her fists.

' Thank you Kami! Thank you Kami! Everyone's alive. Hinata-chan too!' , thought Naruto happily like he was just offered Ramen on the house.

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