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Date: 2017-09-04 22:14

I have two 65 lb dogs, a German Shepherd and a Black Lab. We purchased a new property and plan on containing them via an underground fence whereas our last home had an above ground fence. I had a couple professionals come out and I wasn 8767 t impressed and will probably end up doing the job myself. Which system would you recommend that would have independent correction levels, and also seperate remote trainers? Thanks for your help.

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My Dobies (both red) are Sofia Rose & Panzer Steven. We are in the process of adopting a black & tan pup whose name is currently Tillie. I am looking for a really special name for her. Any suggestions?


My black male I had named Attila, it was strong and it seemed to fit him perfectly. I didn 8767 t realize how perfectly that name fit him, showing me he was a fighter, until I almost lost him due to internal bleeding after I got him neutured because he had VWD and we didn 8767 t know it even though I had all his blood work done before his surgery. I strongly recommend everyone having the VWD test before breeding or any type of surgery for there doberman. My red female I named Athena after the goddess of war and wisdom and boy is she smart, I taught her to whisper and how to open doors! They are my children and I love them as such!

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My 7mo old red/rust is named Deuce (Deuce is Wild)..and he is 🙂
My black/rust female is Raven. She is beautiful and gentle.
There are some really great name ideas on here. Thank you!

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we have a great preniese and 7 labs that like to run off and chase wildlife and have 7 acres and tired of getting fines and keeping the dogs locked up which system do you recamend for us thank you for your help

The first is the Innotek 9655. The system is our number one and best selling system. The system has a rechargeable collar that needs charging for about an hours once a month. Note that the collar will not last a full month when you are training. The collars will be used a lot more in this period of time. The weakness of the 9655 is that it does not easily allow you to set different correction levels on each collar. So your 67-pound Shih Tzu is going to receive the same amount of correction sensation as your 95-pound Puggle.

Our 7 red dobies one male and one female the male we named him Saddam since i 8767 m in the army and the female one named Athena

If you are happy with your existing PetSafe Stubborn system, then I would stick with your existing system. You will need to re-lay the wire and replace the control box, but you can keep your existing collar. (We sell the base stations separately, they aren 8767 t listed on the site if you need one, just call in to get a price or place an order) I would also get the lightning protection module.

these are the names i thought of and am debating which one to use

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