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I never thought I would read a blogpost as heartwarming as this.. I came to this site out of luck and I guess it was really meant.. I was meant to read this post to help me clear up the clouds that hinder me to see the things I must realize

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Hello again.
Thank you for your answer. I asked what you would do about your wife, but I actually was thinking about my son. I love him the love that makes me always think about what is better for him. Not only that. It makes me do many things, get up early in the morning, prepare good food, think of the better ways how to teach him to read and so on. I think I would call it sacrifying love. I think it 8767 s not enough to want good for the one whom you love. When you love someone, it makes you DO big and good things for the sake of the one whom you love. That 8767 s what I wanted to say. I was thinking about my husband too, how love makes me to try to know him better so I could be a better friend and do something good for him. So these are my thoughts about love.


It doesn 8767 t matter to me if I will be inlove or be loved by someone else. The person doesn 8767 t matter to me, but it 8767 s the 8775 soulful connection thru love 8776 , something that completes me spiritually, that matters..

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Don 8767 t deny that this is true. Please don 8767 t deny it. If a woman loves her man more than anything on the planet earth, she will go to the mat to help him improve himself and deal with what she sees going on. She won 8767 t put you down or criticize you because you 8767 ve lost motivation and let yourself go. She will be super kind, loving, caring, compassionate, supportive and encouraging to you. She will try to help you every way possible and seek outside help. She will move mountains to help you because she truly loves you. This is what someone who truly loves another does. They care and won 8767 t give up on their lover. They will have your back.

Forgiveness gives you the gift of life. I wrote this as a post on my Facebook page November 65, 7568. Yes, I know how difficult it is to forgive. Many people struggle with this. I have had some people tell me they have gone for over twenty years without being able to forgive. I have also had many people finally forgive those who hurt them through my help. The trouble is that when we don 8767 t forgive those who have done us serious wrong, we only punish ourselves. We are the ones who continue to suffer, not them. We are the ones who can 8767 t be there for our loved ones because of this terribleness that lives within us.

Determined not to make the same mistakes, he 8767 s intent on keeping Kate safe, but as the case deepens, it appears someone is willing to risk everything even murder to keep the case from going to trial.

You have the power to make a choice that can change your life forever. You have the power to make a choice to grow an entirely new branch on your tree of life. You are such a beautiful deeply caring soul. You have so much love inside of you. Find this love deep within you. This love has been with you since conception. It is who you really are and have always been. This magnificent love inside of you is waiting to be asked to forgive all those who have hurt you and harmed you in any way. Forgiveness gives you the gift of life. Accept this gift given to you by the Creator and become the truly awesome, loving, beautiful soul that you are twenty four hours a day every day.

Maybe if you put together the entire back story from Hungary forward, you might be able to see how I could step away from my own pain and look at this from other perspectives. She had already lived the equivalent of three lives, faced things many of us will never face, and successfully overcome severe challenge after challenge to create a good life for her and her daughter. At the time of her decision to leave me, her daughter was now married with children of her own.

You move on from where you are and get unstuck by having a goal and taking some action everyday to move toward the goal. You can add goals and actions as time goes on. If you need a family member or friend to come over to your place with big bat and force you to take action, then ask them to do this for you. Whatever it takes, focus your energy and effort on improving you. The more you put energy into you and force yourself to take actions, the sooner you will begin to feel changes occurring within you.

So let 8767 s get to work Shane. I 8767 m going to share some insights with you. Please keep your mind open. Also allow time for my thoughts and the wonderful insights shared by Linda Thomas to sink in. Reread what we have written every few days. Allow your reflection on everything to enter your subconscious mind and then throw yourself into something else that consumes your thinking for a week or so to allow the mind to work on it. I will share more on how to do this in a little while.

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