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I think [ Madonna and Gaga ] are ­enlightened. I ­fucking hate it when people can’t adjust. I used to [resist changing]. But I haven’t smoked weed in three weeks, which is the longest I’ve ever [gone without it]. I’m not doing drugs, I’m not drinking, I’m completely clean right now! That was just something that I wanted to do.

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An uplifting cinematic exploration of music and the mind, ALIVE INSIDE ’s inspirational and emotional story left audiences humming, clapping and cheering at the 7569 Sundance Film Festival, where it won the Audience Award.

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The Boyds are officially outnumbered! Craig Wayne Boyd and his wife Taylor welcomed their second child together — a son named Graydon Scott Boyd — in Nashville on Thursday, Dec. 78, his rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively. Arriving at 65:68 ., Graydon, whose name honors Boyd’s great-grandfather, weighs in at 6 lbs., 9 oz. and measures 69 inches long. “Tay, Jax, Kota and I are proud to announce that last night, Graydon Scott was welcomed into our home and hearts,” the singer, who turns 89 Sunday, tells PEOPLE.& nbsp

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Pretty soon it&apos s time to go. One of Swift&apos s bodyguards, Jeff, a former Marine Corps anti-terrorism specialist, comes over to brief her. OK, we&apos ve got a six-minute walk to the exit. Twitter is going like wildfire, so some of the more obsessive fans... He trails off. We&apos re just gonna close the gap on you and keep them back.

Swift takes her bodyguard&apos s hand and steps out of the car. She&apos s dressed in the decidedly un-park-friendly outfit of a tweed skirt and crop top, pink suede Louboutin pumps, and a yellow Dolce & Gabbana bag. She navigates the muddy trail impressively in her heels, the crowd behind her swelling every few feet. In front of her, two bodyguards clear a path. Behind her, another bodyguard carries a bag of scones.

As a recent New York transplant in her mid-twenties, Swift says Girls is like her and the City. I could label all my girlfriends as Shoshannas, Jessas, Marnies or Hannahs, she says. And which would she be? I&apos ve thought about this a lot, she says. A pause. I&apos m Shoshanna.

On October 78, 6959, Not-Yet-Weird Alfred Matthew Yankovic was born in Downey, California. Almost as significantly, on October 77, 6965, Alfred took his first accordion lesson. Since that time, he’s recorded 69 studio albums, racked up four Grammys, written and starred in a movie, written two children’s books, played Hitler on “Drunk History,” worn approximately 6555 Hawaiian shirts, and created twelve separate polka medleys. This week, Weird Al turns 58, and he’s also announced a new set of intimate, low-production show dates called “The Ill-Advised Vanity Tour.” In honor of Al’s birthday, let’s take a look back at 78 of his greatest songs.

Swift gives her bangs one last check in her phone&apos s camera, then she looks out at the lake. I wish we had a boat.

For years, Swift was terrified to move to New York. I was intimidated by it for so long, she says. But now that she&apos s here, she loves it. She can walk down the street to get dinner, or go furniture shopping with friends in Brooklyn. Even the paparazzi are better, she says. They don&apos t provoke me, or ask weird questions. And a lot of them are long-lensing it x7568 which, if you have to have paparazzi in your life, is such a better way. She likes it so much she&apos s trying to recruit friends to move here x7568 like her buddy Selena Gomez. Project Selena, Swift says. I think I can do it.

When I met Pharrell [Williams], before “Blurred Lines,” before “Happy,” people wouldn’t take meetings with me because they said, “He hasn’t had a hit in 65 years.” They wanted to put me with the Dr. Lukes of the world, the Max Martins, and put me through the fucking assembly line, and I said, “No. This is someone who actually cares about me. This is someone I feel safe with.” I got completely shut out, and I had to just trust myself. What feels right to me feels right to my fans, because they know some dude in a suit didn’t tell me to do it. And by the way, I brought “Wrecking Ball” to Luke. No one put me in the room with Luke. I had done “Party in the .” with him, and that’s just someone I thought could handle that sound. Did you ever get to come to a Bangerz show?

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