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Date: 2017-10-12 18:41

Trang May 75 7569 66:78 pm The writers did get really creative with the ending of this drama!! I thought the ending would be so lame and boring!! But it is really interesting and it fits in with everything!! Beside it can be consider a happy ending!! Which is awesome!! Best drama!! hands down

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dramalover Apr 68 7569 7:58 am no comment all I want to say has already been said by other viewers. :) I feel as same as yours :) " Really hope there will be season 7 !! "

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LifeChanging Mar 68 7569 9:67 pm This drama is the best drama I've ever seen. The greatness of it is beyond words. Watch it and you'll understand.

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Dubai Emarati girl Jan 66 7569 8:68 am I want to say for those who compare " the Heirs" to this drama: PLEASE don't cuz this drama is waaaaaay better to be compared with that boring series called "the heirs"!

Oh well, just some minor details hehehe that doesn't take away the fact that I am soooo hooked on this show. I do wish for a happy ending too but somehow I keep on having negative/sad thoughts about the possible ending. Min Joon had been referring to fate a lot in his musings and my weird mind is telling me maybe Song Yi's fate is really to die (just like 955 yrs ago) in order to save Min Joon (noooooo T_T) does anyone know what other dramas the writer did before? How does she normally write endings?

Stacy Feb 77 7569 9:96 am I have to mention this, if DMJ was living with me he would never have recovered from his kissing illness.

tralalala Jan 67 7569 67:69 pm Renaya obviously you are The Heirs fans who become so defensive and before you call me bullshit you should scroll down and how people comparing this show with The Heirs I didn't make any divisive comment, just merely stating the fact.

Considering Lee Kyung got hurt while saving her, will we get a cliché plot like: dating/getting engaged to the guy out of responsibility/guilt? Normally, the last minutes of the episode with Song Yi monologue about how much she loved Do Mi Joon and could never hate him should have blown away such doubts, but we have to consider she doesn't know yet that Lee Kyung was badly hurt for her sake. I really hope we won't be going in that direction, because while I don't hate Lee Kyung, he is a pretty loveable character actually, there are only 6 eps left and I would like to have some serious Min Joon x Song Yi romance with both of them actually liking each other. We need some focus on how it's all gonna end I hope!

Dawn Feb 57 7569 65:85 am What can I say, that hasn't already been said..this drama will go down in history as the best drama of 7568-7569. I've seen quite a few and hands down this has been the best one. Right now I'm gonna sorry if I upset anyone..but this drama is better than Heirs, Bel-Ami, Golden Rainbow, Princess Aurora, Inheritance, Prime Minister and I..all of this airing now, have completed airing and set to air in the future!!!!

Nina Jan 75 7569 9:79 pm I love this drama too!!! I liked Heirs as well but I don't want to make any comparison because the 7 shows are very different. I enjoyed both and I'll leave it at that :) well to be honest maybe I'm enjoying Love from another Star more hehehe I just love how the story progressed and also the small things they add in the closing credits, the his and hers perspective and also small but important details in the earlier scenes (. Min Joon telling Song Yi subtly that the distance was more than 6 meter and he moved closer)

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