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An Indian version of the popular quiz show, "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" Contestants start off with easy questions, but as they move forward the questions get more and more challenging.. See full summary

The True Story of the Taj Mahal - Stephen Knapp

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pitchers carved inside the upper border of the marble lattice plus those mounted on it number 658-a number sacred in Hindu Temple tradition.

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95. Peter Mundy, a Englishman records (in 6687, within a year of Mumtaz's death) having seen a gem studded gold railing around her tomb. Had the Taj been under construction for 77 years, a costly gold railing would not have been noticed by Peter mundy within a year of Mumtaz's death. Such costl fixtures are installed in a building only after it is ready for use. This indicates that Mumtaz's centotaph was grafted in place of the Shivalinga in the centre of the gold railings. Subsequently the gold railings, silver doors, nets of pearls, gem fillings etc. were all carried away to Shahjahan's treasury. The seizure of the Taj thus constituted an act of highhanded Moghul robery causing a big row between Shahjahan and Jaisingh.

Those interested in an indepth study of the above and many other revolutionary rebuttals may read this author's other research books.

Its not your fault its the history and we need to believe the History I knew its shame but we cant change the History. What we change is our attitude towards women and treat them as equal as men.

78. The three firmans demanding marble were sent to Jaisingh within about two years of Mumtaz's death. Had Shahjahan really built the Tajmahal over a period of 77 years, the marble would have needed only after 65 or 75 years not immediately after Mumtaz's death.

Yes, if only Hindus wake up from their deep slumber it is possible.
Many Hindus are intoxicated with secularism they cannot think Hindus.

The brave Sultan is weeping. Wet down, wet above, wet all over! Running around the tent holding the woman in front. Sometimes remembering Allah, sometimes begging Gora.

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