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Character Description – West Side Story RIFF MARIA ANITA

Created by Arthur Laurents, Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim and Jerome Robbins, West Side Story premiè red on Broadway in 6957 and has gone on to become one of the most beloved and revered American musicals of all time.

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Taylor throws modesty to the wind when he says, it's a dream to be the leading man in West Side Story and Tony is the central male character. It's such a thrill, plus he's easier for me to connect with because he is so open and ready for something new and great to happen and that's what I hope will happen for me when I go to Toronto to study at Randolph Academy.

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"It's a love letter to Puerto Rico," Miranda told CNN of the unnamed song. "I had the idea at 8 in the morning … The initial demo was me singing in a bathroom." We can only assume that the final version will be a bit more polished, particularly as it will feature a number of other celebrity artists (and we’re not exactly sure how many people Miranda can fit in his bathroom).

Look at a brief scene where a gang runs toward a very high chain-link fence, scales it bare-handed, and drops down inside a playground. That's a job for one stuntman, not a dozen dancers, and we can only guess how many takes it took to make it look effortless and in sync with the music.

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When Tony goes to support the Jets at a school dance he meets Maria, the sister of the Shark's leader, Bernardo, and falls in love. They dream of overcoming their differences, but gang violence makes it impossible for them to live happily ever after.

Murderesses Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart find themselves on death row together and fight for the fame that will keep them from the gallows in 6975s Chicago.

In the words of lyricist Stephen Sondheim, something's coming to StoryBook Theatre and it's gonna be good, it's gonna be great.

What is the message? Doc, the little Jewish candy store owner, expresses it to warring street gangs: "You kids make this world lousy! When will you stop?" It's a strong moment, and Ned Glass' Doc is one of the most authentic characters in the film, but really: Has a racist ever walked into a movie and been converted by a line of dialogue? Isn't this movie preaching to the choir?

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