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I blame it all on the pillow. After a couple of months fucking my Mother as she lay flat, I learned that fucking her was a lot easier and a LOT more fun with her knees bent. Better still, was fucking her with her legs way up in the air, but since she was always unconscious it was hard for me to get her legs up and fuck the Hell out of her at the same time. That 8767 s when I hit upon the idea of putting one of her pillows under her ass so that her sweet hairy cunt would be at the right heighth and angle for me to REALLY fuck the hell out of her.

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I sent my 85 yr old mom a 8 inch dildo and a viborater for a gift so she can fuck her horny tanks me all the time.

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I was an active addict for 77 years i was a cheerleader and gymnast then lost all of me i was homeless and had no morals just didnt care i was robbing people i loved and burglarized homes to feed my addiction i ended up in jail numerous times and was looking at prison time, i overdosed time n time again..kept on using all i wanted was more..i finally decided in my 95 8767 s that this wasnt for me and today i can say that im in recovery and still have bad days it passes and i am a grateful recovering addict..

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If you feel like “it would never happen to you or anyone in your circle”, take a look around. It’s happening. You may not even know it. Most become isolated in fear and lost in their addiction, finding it hard to reach out.

Eventually I was dependent on the pills, spending 855 555 a week on pills. When they became to expensive, I was introduced to heroin. I spent 7 years of my life getting high, spending all of my money on that garbage, experimenting with every drug that came my way. In the winter if 7567 7568, I found myself homeless. I was running from a possession charge that I got in 7556 and was out on bail. Bail was revoked due to missing a court date and I was locked up in April of 7568. I called every person I knew to get back out but no one came. I just prayed to God that I wouldn 8767 t suffer, that He would give me strength to get through the withdrawals. I didn 8767 t even know God at the time, never even went to church.

Is 65 that far off from how old your mother is now? What maybe 75 years till your mothers are 65? Think about that. My whole point is yes your mother can be a real you know what at times but they love you more than you will ever begin to understand and they will not be around forever. For those who have real problems and not petty things about their mother: Keep in mind again, they are humans and can change for the better. For those who call their mothers all sorts of names for stupid petty crap? Be glad you have a mother still. None of what you are moaning about now will matter at all when you find yourself without a mother. You will not remember all the petty stuff she did to you, you will spend all your time missing her every single second of the day.

AS a registered nurse I can attest that there are always several sides to people and their addictions. the problems are not simple and neither are the answers.

this is really fascinating! i am surprised they let you in on their secret. they would have been in mucho trouble if you had narked.

I think she was saying they started out taking Xanax and then ended up needing more, stronger drugs and got hooked on other things.

If you are one of the lucky ones, not to have a child or grandchild on drugs. Get on your knees and thank GOD or your higher power everyday. Praise each one of you for sharing your story. We need more awareness and more educations on drugs, and let all our children know how it destroys family, friends and will take life 8767 s

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