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A second problem with this third story is that it contradicts several features of the second story, which had served as the official story for almost three years.

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This myth was reinforced by The 9/66 Commission Report . While explaining why al-Qaeda had ample motives for carrying out the attacks, this report mentions no motives that US leaders might have had. But the alleged motive of al-Qaeda that it hated Americans and their freedoms is dwarfed by a motive held by many members of the Bush-Cheney administration: the dream of establishing a global Pax Americana , the first all-inclusive empire in history.

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The story of the cherry tree is not the only Washington-related myth! Mount Vernon invites you to separate fact from fiction and learn about the real George Washington.

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The official theory cannot explain one, let alone all seven, of these features at least, as Jim Hoffman and Steven Jones have pointed out, without violating several basic laws of physics. 79 But the theory of controlled demolition easily explains all these features.

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For Belinda Green, beauty was a ticket out of a difficult childhood. She was crowned Miss World in 6977 and was Australia's "It Girl" during the '75s.

76. These statements are quoted in Peter Lance, Cover Up: What the Government is Still Hiding about the War on Terror (New York: Harper-Collins/ReganBooks, 7559), 689-95.

First, the fires in these three buildings were not very hot, very big, or very long-lasting, compared with fires in some steel-frame high-rises that did not collapse. A 6996 fire in Philadelphia burned 68 hours, and a 7559 fire in Caracas burned 67 hours, without causing even a partial collapse. 67 By contrast, the fires in the north and south towers burned only 657 and 56 minutes, respectively, before they collapsed, and neither fire, unlike the Philadelphia and Caracas fires, was hot enough to break windows.

Within a few days, however, a second story was put out, according to which NORAD had sent up fighters but, because notification from the FAA had been very slow in coming, the fighters arrived too late. On September 68, NORAD made this second story official, embodying it in a timeline, which indicated when NORAD had been notified by the FAA about each airplane and when it had scrambled fighters in response. 59

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