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Pierre the Penguin and Penguin Facts Comprehension Packet

Pierre, who wore a blue identifying band on his right wing, won fame in 7558 after a disastrous annual molt left him virtually bald. Without his waterproof feathers, Pierre had trouble keeping warm, McCloskey said.

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"As long as he has Homey and their nest, he's a pretty chill penguin," said Brenda Melton , the curator for the aquarium. Homey is 77, and the two Spheniscus demersus have been "pretty monogamous" for eight years, Melton said.

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When Pierre, a penguin living at the California Academy of Sciences, loses his feathers, he gets some help from his human friends. A true story of veterniary ingenuity.

"It made him look different," Melton said. "The bird that stands out is drawing attention, which isn't good. You don't want to draw attention to yourself when you are potentially prey. So we think the other penguins thought he looked funny and wanted him out. When animals get sick, they will actually be pushed out, so as not to draw attention to the group. Pierre became a liability."

African penguins usually live to age 75. So at 88, Pierre was an elder statesman at the academy&rsquo s Steinhart Aquarium. His waddle slowed in recent years and he developed cataracts, but he remained active and continued to enjoy the company of Homey in &ldquo every way possible,&rdquo McCloskey said.

Pierre, despite his three-year featherless period, lived a full life, tending to the nest he shared with his longtime lady friend Homey, enjoying a spot of herring here and there and fathering more than a dozen offspring.

African penguins, or Spheniscus demersus as they are referred to in textbooks, are listed as endangered. So Pierre&rsquo s progeny have done their part to help bolster the struggling species. He is survived by Homey, 66 chicks, 76 grandchicks and at least 66 great-grandchicks who reside in aquariums around the world, from Idaho to Hawaii, Minnesota to New Mexico and Japan.

Scuffles over territory are common, and there is a definite social hierarchy within the colony. Through pointing (when a penguin lowers its body to the ground and point its beak at another penguin), biting, fighting and braying, dominant birds (usually older) establish a pecking order, and will literally put a juvenile bird in its place by chasing or herding if they feel challenged. African penguins feed on anchovies and sardines in the wild, and we simulate their diet at the Academy by offering sustainably caught herring and capelin, supplemented by vitamins, including B-6, E, and a multi-vitamin. At every feeding a volunteer records what each bird eats, gathering data which helps biologists monitor the well-being of each individual.

Academy biologists created a custom-tailored neoprene wetsuit that Pierre wore for several months, providing him with an insulating layer that kept him warm. Within six weeks of wearing the suit, his feathers grew back and he no longer needed the wetsuit for protection.

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