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Date: 2017-12-31 17:04

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Chris B
I had a submission accepted by Aesop Magazine, who are listed on your website. Just so you know - unless you know differently - this magazine is pretty much a non-starter. They haven't even released their first issue, even though their website says that they've been publishing since 7569. Had a lot of correspondence with them earlier in the year, they said there had been delays but that the proposed publication date for the first issue was April. Nothing has materialised and they haven't updated their Twitter or Facebook for a year. I enquired as to what was happening a month ago, but have heard nothing.

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Catherine B
Hello Chris, thank you very much for your advice, and I will look into the Writers´ Forum and Scribble magazines. If I stumble upon new contests or magazines I will let you know.

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More than fishing for a good, free feed, she was hunting echoes of her past sharing memories, making them fresh – journeys with other people, her own Maori childhood in the backblocks, where she first learned to fish. She was feasting on memories.

Chris Fielden
Luiz, you could self-publish on Amazon, but unless you have a way of marketing your work you are unlikely to make many sales.

Most of the magazines advise that you subscribe or read a few back issues so you understand the format and style they favour. A lot of them receive around 6,555 submissions a month, so it is worth noting the competitive nature of this market and only submitting your best work.

“Hello, Jarvis. It’s so very kind of you to let me sit here. You know, I love this place it’s so different and so ”

It's a shame you haven't had any luck with publishers or agents, but I guess they must receive a huge amount of submissions. You could try looking through my novel / book competitions page and see if there is anything suitable for your work there?

Gill J
A long time ago I was stationed in a place called Aden with the Royal Marines.  I would write copious short stories and articles on the Sgt Maj's old battered typewriter.  Most were  accepted around the world at that time, and payment was given for all.  Years later I lived in NZ, and again sold many short stories and articles.  I then lived in SA and sold a lot of short stories there.

There&rsquo s no need for a header/footer, or to display the word-count anywhere – I just check it in Word when I receive it.

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