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July 5. Have I lost my reason? What has happened? What I saw last night is so strange that my head wanders when I think of it!

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September 65. Rouen, Hotel Continental. It is done it is done - but is He dead? My mind is thoroughly upset by what I have seen.

Between the Lions . The Quiet Machine | PBS KIDS!

She got excited and clasped her hands as if she were praying to me! I heard her voice change its tone she wept and sobbed, harassed and dominated by the irresistible order that she had received.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty | The New Yorker

A two hundred foot high cliff has developed a cavern at its base from “battling” for thousands of years with the incoming waves. Waves continue to crash in, and high tide is approaching.

Poet Iqbal was primarily a lecturer at the Government College, Lahore. He was a great visionary and idealist who always dreamed of sustained and harmonious existence of composite Hindu-Muslim culture. The song has transformed thousands of Indians into great patriots and freedom fighters. The song is as good as National Anthem and it is believed to be a favorite of Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. He sang it several times during his stay in prison. Saare Jahan Se Achchha still holds relevance and will continue to do so in coming times.

Thereupon I said bluntly: "I have not five thousand francs at my disposal at this moment, my dear cousin."

What a delicious morning it was! About eleven o'clock, a long line of boats drawn by a steam-tug, as big a fly, and which scarcely puffed while emitting its thick smoke, passed my gate.

Last week, I was up in Mountainview to give a presentation at the Social Innovation Summit. The summit was amazing, with talks from worldchangers like Sal Khan, founder of the Khan Academy , and Barbara Bush, founder of the Global Health Corps. I was humbled to speak as part of Hunter Walk 8767 s YouTube panel, and shared the story of Caine 8767 s Arcade and the Imagination Foundation.

On the left, down yonder, lies Rouen, populous Rouen with its blue roofs massing under pointed, Gothic towers. Innumerable are they, delicate or broad, dominated by the spire of the cathedral, full of bells which sound through the blue air on fine mornings, sending their sweet and distant iron clang to me, their metallic sounds, now stronger and now weaker, according as the wind is strong or light.

All of this could take hundreds or even thousands of years to play out, but experts cannot rule out abrupt changes, such as a collapse of agriculture, that would throw civilization into chaos much sooner. Bolder efforts to limit emissions would reduce these risks, or at least slow the effects, but it is already too late to eliminate the risks entirely.

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