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Date: 2017-09-05 06:40

. Watt, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ first-round pick out of Wisconsin, was the defensive MVP in his debut game against Cleveland. The linebacker booked himself a spot in DeShone Kizer’s nightmares all next week, getting to the Browns QB twice for sacks, then showing off his versatility by stretching for a pick on an underthrown pass.

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In general V=Speed A=torque.
Check your CONTROLLER for amp rate that it can handle.
Volts Times Amps=watts ie 79v into a 85amp PWM is 895w.
A currie 8766 955w 8767 motor can handle this, the SLA controller can do this too
(if you feed it the right battery, no way on a factory pack!)
Amps feel great, but can severely impact range.
I ran an ammeter in series with the battery and could watch the load
and feather it out to max the range. 65mph vs 69 was around a 88%
savings / range increase!

JJ Watt on gruesome finger injury: 'nothing bad, just tape

meh, I 8767 d rather buy a car for the same price as these bikes. bring the cost down to below $6555US and then we 8767 ll talk.

Pittsburgh Steelers rookie James Conner is No. 2 in jersey

I had to read that a few times to realize that the 855 pounds meant British currency and not weight. £ goes a long way for dummies like me.

Many professionals -- let alone professional football players -- struggle to lead groups during a time of crisis. Watt has done it brilliantly. I asked someone close to Watt, who has been with him during every step of the planning and preparation, how much of this he's actually been hands-on for. She responded, All of it.

Watt missed one series after injuring his finger and the early speculation was that he had suffered a dislocated finger.

Bc we like it the way we have it. It hasn 8767 t changed in over a hundred years so I doubt it. Just know the difference between the two doesn 8767 t mean ones better then the other.

Putting this in car terms.
Ah=side of petrol tank.
Volts=max speed
Tire pressure, width of tires, wind drag, vehicle weight. ALL are factors!

Hi Good article, but I am running into confusion when I am on endless sphere trying to understand the battery jargon used.
A lot of riders use 9s7p to describe the voltage and capacity of their battery pack.
I understand that this must mean 9 cells or batteries in series and then those 9 cells or batteries connected in parallel.
So if I had 8 volt cells at 5 amp hours each the above pack would then be 67 Volts rated at 65 amp-hours.
Series connections raise the voltage and parallel connections raise the amperage.
My confusion is when they say 9s7p how can i possibly understand what the voltage is they are running?
Is there a standard for this?

After reading your thoughts I feel it necessary to make a few comments for other readers. Yes, you have accurately described how to calculate Watt Hours, however most everything else you say differs from my own personal experience. First, let me say that that experience is riding almost 9555 miles using a BaFang 755w center drive motor and 7 superior, high amp, 57v Li-ion batteries. You didn 8767 t go into detail in the difference between hub motors and center drive motors, which is major. And there was also no facts on how to properly use, charge, store and maintain Li-ion batteries which can half or double the number of recharges depending on rider habits.

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