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Date: 2018-01-01 17:13

I welcome improvements in our culture.  But not all change is improvement.  I would love to see more cultural support for motherhood and fatherhood, instead of the increasing denigration and condemnation we have now.  Watched any movies recently?  Seen many stay-at-home moms or strong supportive dads?

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The key is arm neutrality, or occasionally arm crossing should you want to convey authority. Also bear in mind that palms facing downward shows authority ( 8775 the buck stops here 8776 sort of thing), so if you want to gesticulate to make a point, your palms face downward. Bear in mind that crossing the arms will by definition put the palms downward.

Navy Announces Policy Guidance for Transgender Personnel

The behavior of the people in Sundance was despicable. And shame on Furphy and Nethercott. They bowed down to the fringe, and in the process, they lost their dignity.

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For Connolly, seated next to Reed at the table, this and many other statements felt like deeply personal attacks, she said. “There’s something so basic about our Connolly told WyoFile. “It’s a core I think of who each and every one of us is.”

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I would hope the folks there and also those of us hearing of it later will take a moment to reflect on our actions in our everyday walk of life learn the lessons and not the behaviors strive to be better human beings. Representative Connelly was concerned with legislative decorum being lost. Sounds to me like human decency was lost that day, which far outweighs 8775 decorum 8776 .

The state should not be interfering in our right to contract with each other, be it health care, inheritance, child care, etc.  A large factor in civil unions is forcing the payment of benefits.

Before the vote, Rep. Roy Edwards, a Gillette Republican, said the bill would “change the moral fabric” of the country. He agreed with Reed, who equated changing gender references to anarchy.

8775 Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. 8776
Martin Luther King, Jr.

The feet and legs are actually the most important parts of your body in terms of telegraphing cues and emotional states. While you train yourself to lie with your face since childhood, few people can lie with their feet. So keeping your feet and legs taking up space is the truest way to telegraph a strong presence (which is instinctively why feminists shrieked about manspreading a few years ago). Likewise if you want to read a person 8767 s real feelings about you, look at the feet and legs first.

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