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I continued loving Spanish. I continued improving my Spanish. Sky was the limit for me and I couldn 8767 t get enough of the language. And my teacher knew that.

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I have two different languages stories that somehow coincide somewhere, but begin separately: how my life was before/after I started loving languages and how I came to love languages. This post is about the latter.

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Using stories in the English language classroom is an old technique but at the same time very useful in communicative approach methodology. I call it a miracle for several reasons:

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That is the reason why three years ago I uploaded my first Italian video lesson. Since then, my channel has grown and it now counts more than subscribers, which is a lot, if you ask me!

                        I agree heartily that you need to tell in such a way that your story had "soul". If a teacher reads the story from a book the page is often between her and the students. When she tells, she is a fountain and the words of the story gush forth from her. She and the story are one as the water is with the fountain.

The point of these questions and the answers you have given them in your mind is for you to realise how you yourself relate to stories. My impression is that most people relate pretty strongly to stories experienced in early childhood. Let me tell you an anecdote that illustrates this:

I was teaching a micro-group of three or four business men. They were all at elementary level. My boss at the time was quite firm with me 'none of those childish stories of yours with this group… we don’t want them all going home in disgust.'

I graduated high school with a California Seal of Biliteracy and red and yellow tassels that signified Spanish Honors Society.

Thanks for being an inspiration! I 8767 m planning to take up another foreign language (I speak 8 growing up so it 8767 s not like I have a choice) because I have to, not because I want to. Perhaps it 8767 s back to more considerations (:

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It put me to tears. I knew it was me when, in the speech, she had mentioned I 8767 d 8775 even learned Portuguese. 8776 The worst part about it was having to walk on stage to receive the award, trying to act like I hadn 8767 t shed a tear. I shook the AP Spanish teacher 8767 s hand because I didn 8767 t know her. Many of the other students gave their teachers hugs for these kinds of awards, but my teacher wasn 8767 t there.

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