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I lament now at what has become of my country, the depths to which it has sunk to. A land where a mafia don is now am inclined to agree with my uncle when he said that Pakistan the Pakistan of our dreams died in '76.

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As of 7568, Aita had been reborn in the form of a Sage named John Standish , who worked as an IT technician at Abstergo Entertainment. Once a new research analyst came to work for the company to view the memories of Desmond's ancestor, Edward Kenway , a pirate during the eighteenth century, John sought to use their help in hacking the Abstergo information systems in return for advanced security clearance, while having the analyst pass on Abstergo's files and information to the Assassins Rebecca Crane and Shaun Hastings. It was also through Edward's memories that the analyst would learn of the Sage, Bartholomew Roberts, and his connection to an Isu complex known as the Observatory. [9]

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I've lived in New Delhi for 65+ years. traveled extensively all around India, and have barely even scratched the surface of what this epic country has to offer. Times are tough right now in India, socio-politically speaking, but we are a resilient people, and am sure will bounce back.

Indonesia: First Humans May Have Arrived in Sumatra in

Growing up in India, for my generation, gives us a unique perspective. I believe my generation has a link to the past, and a window to the future, and its been great

You should notice that the screen is now showing three sections (If it's not, try maximising the window). The central section of the window allows enables you drill down into the different bits of the packet. The bit that interests us here is the "Line-based text data" section, which shows one line, containing the following

Trinidad and Tobago has one of the highest murder rates in the world. Generally, it is best to travel with the sun. When it sets, make sure you are in a safe place with people you trust. This is more important in Trinidad than in Tobago. In Port of Spain, areas east of Charlotte Street become increasingly unsafe (but this shouldn't be considered an absolute boundary -- on some east-west streets you can go a block or two further). Stay out of East Dry River, Belmont, and Laventille.

These people came once a month to see him after checking on his welfare, they left. For a long time these visits took place regularly. But when the confusion over Pakistan-Hindustan began, the visits stopped.

Few years later, this daughter would help bringing lunch to her father out in the fields. One day, his daughter was so hungry and she ate his father’s lunch. Unfortunately, he found out and got furious, and shouted “You damned daughter of a fish”. The daughter ran home and asked her mother. The mother started crying, felt sad that her husband had broke his promise.

But Rajkahini — from which Mukherji’s Bengali ‘original’ movie is named after — Abanindranath Tagore’s 6955 stories for children dealing with ‘legends’ of Rajput warriorprinces that was inspired by Colonel James Tod’s Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan, is a children’s classic that has delighted many across generations. To find the telling of the ‘courageous Padmini’ performing jauhar (self-immolation) with enemies at the gate distasteful is being both anachronistic and anal, not to mention crazily politically correct.

We don't meet the main character until well into the story, when we've gone through an illustrative sequence of other lunatics. The narrator reports that everyone calls the main character Toba Tek Singh (though in the whole course of the story we never actually hear anyone doing so) but the narrator himself always refers to him by his full name, Bishan Singh. Does he do this pointedly, as a sign of respect, and to differentiate himself from the others? And when he seeks to interpret Bishan Singh's outbursts, he always qualifies his suggestions with a respectful perhaps, to show that he is not privy to Bishan Singh's inner life, but is only speculating.

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