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Date: 2017-12-07 14:27

ค่ำคืนเหงาๆ กับดาว..หลายดวง
คิดถึง คิดถึง..และห่วงหา
เจ็บร้าว เจ็บช้ำ..ถึงในทรวง

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Dan shi wo bu tai hui shuo thai,
Zhi shi ou er hui pao qu Hatyai,
Ru guo ni gen wo dan qing shuo ai,
Wo rang ni 8766 same same 8767 mei tian dou jing cai.

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I have a question ,
You wrote that : ( If you 8767 re a man say “Khrup”, often sounds like “cup” )
but Khrup we use with formel right ? why should i use if i want to talk with close person like my girlfriend or my wife ?

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how i say 8775 i promise 8776 in thai ?
and how say 8775 you are my one and only 8776
and 8775 you will never know how much you mean to me 8776

Because each consonant represents an actual thing. So for example: Por pung: 8766 p 8767 is the sound and 8766 pung 8767 means bee in Thai. Gor gai: 8766 G 8767 is the sound and Gai means chicken in Thai.

The Thai word WAH may be used as a verb meaning to say. It is more often used as a conjunction introducing a clause after verbs of mental action such as believe , think , understand , wish , promise , feel , and know. In the above sentence it is used as the conjunction meaning that.

You may click on any of the audio play buttons below to listen to the correct pronunciation of Thai love words and love phrases. Each button will play an MP8 recording. But if you really want to get serious about learning romantic Thai phrases for lovers then join this Thai language program.

How do i make mends with this thai boy? He swear to buddha..that he will not talk to me..because we had a misunderstandings..pls help me its getting painful

Make her feel needed when you are apart. Just as we say in English when a loved one is far away, I wish you were by my side. Or during a time when you feel you need her support.

When talking to a group of people for example at work you should use khrup/ka (depending on whether you are male or female) at the end of your sentences. Not every sentence will require it but when making major points you should use it. It is polite and in a formal environment it is required.

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